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Letter of the Research Center for Human Rights mountainous ethnic Vietnam

28-06-2016 - 10:23 - 738 lượt xem

Dear Organizations and indviduals in the country and international friends

Dear  : Organizations and individuals in the country and international friends

 Research Center for human rights of ethnic, regional Mountain- HRC- is Non-governmental organization of Vietnam, research and application of scientific and technological research aimed at contributing to the development of human ethnic, regional Mountain.

    HRC is focusing on creating jobs for vulnerable groups: the disabled, women, children Ethnic minorities, the elderly ... ethnic groups are very few people who are at risk of population decline in quality skull; assessment surveys shortage of productive land, water people Ethnic areas and mountainous; ethnic relations sides of the border; solutions to reduce child marriage and marital blood access in ethnic minorities.

    From the results of this study HRC will advise government agencies in the formulation and implementation of policies to ensure human rights and preserve and promote the culture of the ethnic

 HRC respectfully expect the support of the International Organization to serve the purpose.


                                                                                       Dr  Hoang Xuan Luong

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