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Research Center for Human Rights of ethnic and mountainous land surveyed and efficient manufacturing job transition Southwest region

05-09-2016 - 21:24 - 746 lượt xem

Hoang Xuan Luong

With the financial support of ActionAid, the Research Centre for Human Rights of ethnic and mountainous areas, in coordination with the competent bodies of CEMA and provincial Nationalities Committee conducted a survey to assess the situation of land production and conversion efficiency of the cells vocational Southwest region, in order to have accurate data on the situation of lack of productive land, why not implement policies to support productive land to farmers? why not suitable job change geography, customs and traditions of the peoples? unstable lives of ethnic minorities, which make recommendations to the state of solutions contribute to improving living standards, stability and ethnic unity.
  This is a very heavy task and difficulties. Research Center for Human Rights Ethnic Region mountainous hope organizations and individuals at home and abroad interested in this issue to contribute comments. all involving advice, or related documents should be sent via email:
  Thank you very much.

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