Battle of 'living with 7 wives of the most amorous man northwest

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Quoc Ngoc

More than 60 years old, had seven wives and 23 children, Mr. Thao nhiá Dia has created an incredible record but there is truth in the Northwest.
More than 60 years old, had seven wives and 23 children, he Thao Hua nhiá Dia in the Company, Co Ma commune (Thuan Chau, Son La) has created an incredible record but true in the Northwest. His story Dia offense "took more wives", and then laboriously burgeoning offspring rearing funny, poignant.
From Thuan Chau to Co Ma Pass to pass the pump Chiang is about 30km. After half of the morning struggling with crooked corners, waving in the mountains, we also find the old Dia. Sporadic low old house, coloring time, moist smell of smoke in the kitchen This is where dozens of people.
Dia old was not at home, only one woman sitting Hmong are painstakingly embroidered inside windowsill. Her name is Giang Thi And this, claiming to be the wife of his 7 Dia. Next to her is the children close in age, muddy clothes. They look and no one could recognize her child is the child.
 Lao Dia and his 7th wife
This year, new and 30s that had 4 children. That does not include the baby. Asked about the wives of elders before Dia, and was very calm. What she said to her question, and also 1, 2 fuses, no attitude spiteful or jealous. And always considered himself as the youngest of the house.
And sure, she even went to take care of their grandchildren in Muong Nhe (Dien Bien), and is at home with her husband looks cubs. According And then came the hour of her husband was up to number 23, except her eldest daughter both married, we are left to stay here at all. More strange is that all these kids are calling And the mother, although the child is married, get married already. Even the children And also, we also considered the father's previous wives as their mother tongue.
The sun standing ball, water pack on aging Dia. Dia old wide-brimmed hat style cowboy of the American West. Low aging design bold, virile, strong as ironwood trees, forest trees so clenched above. His face colored sun and wind. The old voice resonant and warm. Aging has long mustache, thick and black. At first glance, one can see the old idea was fierce but the exposure and then dried sage old said.
Just down the hat down, he had capital and invite guests into the house as long ago acquaintance. "Journalists have to stay here and drink with me new!", He began to talk with them cordial invitation.
As a rule, she was huddled 7 in the kitchen preparing lunch, black-bone chicken operation entertain. Not promptly seated warm, old Dia proactive about this wife: "She is the wife 7 - the youngest in the house. I just dragged on for a few seasons and then burn. The age of the youngest wife of his oldest child age that! ". He said proudly.
Dia amorous old
Only open after a decent meal had been prepared, just me and old sat drinking. Drank a few cups with aging, a new open old says. Year of the Pig old students (1959), under the provision Kun, carpentry par Binh place, which means the earth by growing trees. There's that old life attached to the lips with teeth such as forests.
Lao was born into a large family brothers. Parents are district officials. Unlike the Mongolian boys that day, he was to attend parents Boarding schools Autonomous Region Northwest. Capital is the smartest, brightest aging parents are hoping the latter would be a staff aged well.
Up Up More wife
To Grade 7 (then aged 15 years old) The old saw his chest rise billowing and throbbing heart to see women walk through the paint. The spring outing day, he rode, wearing shoulder praise, like the reed driven romantic hip. Going nowhere old girls always gather around by good old blow lip above. Guitar sound of his lips that enraptured female painted as being enchanted potions, forget all about style.
After several spring fair, he had noticed a girl named Ly Thi Sua very popular in Song Ma district. Like many other female paint, Sua did not hesitate to pull the arms to the old wife.
Romance and poetic this leave much impression in the old Dia. Then aged 15 years old, she was 13 years old Sua. Married for 2 years, she Sua gave birth to her first daughter. Married finished, he continued hammering at economic history Boarding School northwestern autonomous region. Meanwhile aging parents still hope, he will continue to follow the path to later education as officers.
 Dia Each of his wife in a small house
During the school day, which was the smart mouth or leaves blowing trumpets, he has made many girls fall for him. She Mua Thi Mai did not escape "the grid" which he was surrounded. After only a short time to learn and love, Sheds agreed that the old concubine Dia.
Aging leads second wife about, "permission" for his first wife in the same house roof. Strangely she Sua unselfishness that made you agree to its roof.
20s which he had two wives Dia. Also by the affair should scrotum old wife giving up her career working pen. Aging of the business continue ... "grown man" of his.
She Sua, his first wife who was prolific, living together for more than ten years she had "baked" 13 children, including 7 girls and 6 boys. She also bore two sons aged 1. The father of a dozen young children, always first to the dark side in the princess off to take care of the whole family eat.
The hardship idea that would make the romance, amorous old is no longer the land of the living, no doubt after the trip down carrying soybeans sold Thuan Chau district, he was paying attention to a woman whose husband is and Thi Luster (SN 1975).
In the words old Dia, she Luster very pitiful. Luster married, no children, the couple lives unhappy. Luster regularly being beaten, eaten chan also tearful, extremely unhappy. In 1990, Luster whose husband abandoned. Trade Division silk peach willows, midstream destitute life, he went home to discuss with his two wives would like to welcome her back in with Luster.
In together, initially, she did not seem quite satisfied both because Luster speak not polite. Her advice is paramount, so sometimes old Dia also wondering, Luster to pay for ... the former residence. However, after a period of cohabitation, are husband and wife be beaten before, Luster has changed. What next to her equally, just after a few years she has also been Luster 4 children.
Whether her children 7 or her at all, they are considered common children
Referring to the "justice" of the old Dia, aging or injured person who was, other wives per person each scene, merchants welcome the old housing should have a place to lean on each other. Perhaps, also because of "justice" the "love" that which he persuaded his wife all later agreed to turn old 4 more welcome there anymore wife are miserable fate.
4th wife came to him and almost by accident. Throwing this she called Thi Thanh (born 1973) is a Thai, Thuan Chau district had stolen her husband and 3 children armpit. Thanh's husband drug trafficking should be detained in prison. Two of them died together. The circumstances of her mother at the time bar is very pitiful. 4 mother and daughter in the house peer leak, rupture regular meals.
The old first-time mother helped Thanh potato, cassava, sometimes to the east of the blanket. The travel between the two sides increasingly close. And then what will have to come, on a beautiful spring day, he had "little" about this with both wives. No doubt she did not blame her husband Sua same old down to Chieng Ly to welcome Lao 4th wife home. Hmong boys here said that if that was married two wives both work where there is nothing to think again.
Put some more wood on the fire, the old Dia continues the story of his life. It is the story of the wife of his 5th. She was named Nguyen Thi Hai, Kinh, were born in Vinh Phu.
Hai also her fate hard time. Husband died early, leaving her one son. She Hai sales clippings, everyday roamed everywhere. Not understand "heaven inducement" How did she stop sales in Co Coatings. And, here, she met him. Knew he had 4 wives, but let dodder heaven, she was infatuated.
Dia old arms also enthusiastic welcome underprivileged young woman that made his 5th wife. Her son, Nguyen Van Long Hai is also recognized as human aging and is set to add his name is Mong Thao's Po.
As to treat shame, as the story "took many wives" are on the old Dia dramatic episodes breeze, he was not the best wife in the land many have this code. The old grandfather had to 9 wives, including the wife born in Laos. Under the old grandfather with all 37 girls and 6 boys.
Was it due to "imitate" her grandfather or not that old yet to be "stopped" on "the way the" no end that his point. He told the wife 6 to aging as an inevitable, as predestined could not refuse.
The wife has a very aesthetic Mieu name is Nguyen Thi Phuong Oanh (SN 1965) - Kinh. This wife of his 6th also relatively long résumé. Were born in Hung Yen, an ever go wandering around the medicinal lake west and unmarried. One fine day, Ms. Oanh of selling drugs at the Forest Co-plating shop. How did her around the back of the house thanks to the old Dia. Witnessing old son marrying the other, busy evening, she took mercy. Since then the love always injured or not. Even losing the way of love, Ms. Oanh voluntary "import" into the old family.
 Dia old house with up to 2 hukou is not enough room for your names recommended
7th wife also came to him almost by accident. Lao Dia is a leader in social movements in Co Ma plantation. Not only that daily goes over the old version, athletes participating farmers planting and greening barren hills. It was during the long day struggling with the land, with her familiar old tree Giang Thi And (born in 1981) in the Hua Company B, Chieng pump.
Married 13 years and have no children. They went running around to treat acne for a baby without success. Bored landscape lone couple living together cinnamon, went looking for her husband and others. When her husband's mistress pregnant, her husband also abandoned after years always wife shoulder pads adjacent hamlets.
And the plight of other insights, he was moved to pity Dia. He had been "corporation the word" agreed to pick her this and go home 'common pooling ". So after nearly 30 years of war and immersed in love, he also managed to increase its Dia his wife to figure 7.
"Battle of" election pasted from operation
When "number" wife rose quickly, the little house of his original Dia is widening. Lao overtime 3 small house again around the main house, each wife a house ruled. The most wives in private but must go for shifting most, eat with trays together. Everything old family member appointed in place.
Dia sat drinking with both the old and still has not shipped. Suddenly I asked the old: "How can what way doctors are all his wives?". Before the question is somewhat subtle, old idea brainer, no doubt long tirade old cheery smile and said: "Old forest with thousands, millions of trees are on site for each species. With my wife, too, who were treated very kind, loving out of ink. Not any more than her grandmother at all. Although in her heart she want any favors nor be. Because just affections for one part rather than internal conflict immediately. Her son and her son both 2, 3 Mrs, Ms 7 ... all are treated the same, no more no less! ".
Wine ivory tusks, he did not hide the sex spouses. Lao said, endowed with excellent health aging. Therefore, she lived in 5 7 houses, each night are old enough ... "patrol" every turn. Lao said, women could hungry rice, hungry even, than the "clause was" that she was not enough, e difficult to live together peacefully ... be.
Reputation for being "in the Bay business cards", he also never dared Dia keep wives as their own .... Lao said, every old wife to follow a different path and stay together because of emotional rope to hold on and not because of anything else. And, when the rope was not strong enough, they could be gone.
The first person to leave the old wives 2nd time after marriage, there is a human face together, by the work of state, she was not able to live a full life for old style "a few women he" that torch. When traveling, carry the child she had with him. Now, sometimes the old downtown district and visit them. When carrying pigs, when sacks of rice. Lao said: "She's gone, it would, but I have to take responsibility for their children."
She two away, followed by the 5th wife, Quan Thi Thanh. By superimposing entangled in bondage, sex trade, he welcomed her about sharing this with 3 children and innocent. Eating together is a few years old wives has added to this one child. When her husband released from prison wants to resume ADD old charm, he immediately told Ms. Thanh said: "I have feelings for one should be about. I do not stop anything! ".
Trade old husband, injured the child, but to deceive her bar breakup rate their new home. Before yesterday walked her back to the ancients, he invited her ex-husband to the old drinking. Not only that, he also for chicken, pork, rice ... let the couple had what life in the early days.
Later, the two wives Kinh old to be going well pleased marries another. Do not make it difficult, he said, if "marinas" are happy that they are willing to support the old. The wife was away but have to leave the children to the old culture.
By this time, with 7 wives, old Dia had 23 children altogether. Big kids got married, left whole burgeoning. Wine spicy tongue, he said, since getting married so far, life revolved around old problems of rice, clothes, rice, money ... He made laboriously in the upland, rarely a day off. Lao said, how much grain, how much corn into that of his son still did not feel great, saw wisdom. Many day laborers find themselves as buffalo horse on the upland, on the mountain, he also laments for his part, regretted by the "greed" took his many wives. But just about all too late.
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