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Brau has a population of about 469 people in the population at least every ethnic minority in Vietnam. Brau voice of the language group Mon - Khmer, Asian language systems. Compatriots have never been written their own peoples.
Resident area of ​​neat Brau in a village, it is the village of Dak Me, Bo Y commune, Ngoc Hoi district, Kon Tum province in the Central Highlands near the Vietnam-Laos border.
Historical origins Brau tuberculosis in southern and northeastern Cambodia. Immigrant compatriots in Vietnam approximately 200 years for 6, 7 died.
Brau ethnic village, Dak village where she places a high hill, with suitable premises village building. The village was the fencing shielding output port to the village. Port village of bamboo, braided green wood next to install anti-intrusion prevention bad guys. Building next to the village entrance farmers plant trees called shorts rooc raised to divine sacrifice, except ghost evil demon. In central location Brau village communal building traditional houses. Along with the similarities with ethnic groups in the region, where the communal house Brau gather community activities, recreation welcomes you and administer the village, focusing village guard. Especially the residents Brau house in the village had turned back toward the front door as a communal gathering of religious expression to the sacred position of the community.
Brauo floor compatriots. Roofs often have higher slope stilt houses of many other peoples in the region. The decoration in architecture respected Brau stilts. Beam runs along the roof of wattle and bamboo are meticulously woven elaborate decoration patterns sensorial Brau. Two decorated gables, adorned with early bird images, cuttings baskets, sun, nan fan. The size of the house approximately 30m2. The floor is usually divided into the high floor, low floor. Outer space with two-story home floor, low floor for rice mortars, high floor to sit sewing, knitting, relax. The forked pleased if the floor along the roof blow. Low floor set fire, plumbing, high floor to sleep.
Besides the main house with the house parts to each other by stairs. Outbuildings as sleeping quarters of the elderly, food storage, food, agricultural tools, household items. This is where families Brau considered precious treasures of trust to look after old people.
Brau people eat rice, grilled compatriots often boil rice, bamboo tube. Custom of drinking wine during the festival, with his pipe smoking common thread for adults including women.
Due to the adjacent living and interacting closely with many ethnic groups in the region should have the costumes of the similarities Brau. Brau women often naked, topless, body wrap skirt long let down heel. In recent years women wear short-sleeved shirt to nach.Nen of ladies wear black with red stripes running horizontal patterned body hugging taken to respect the beauty. Brau-naked men in loincloths. Recently men have more short-sleeved coats has sawn tassels loose thigh.
Women Brau traditional customary ears are strained. Since the age of one to two years old daughter had to string two earlobes to wear thread. Raised earlobe holes nine and ten years old she was wearing extend ivory earrings shaped mortars simulating the rice. Growing up, the earrings that increasingly larger deoloai wide to stretch the earlobe. The bigger bowl shaped earrings, earlobe stretching as long, more hollow ears, the more revealing the beauty of women in accordance with the opinion of the Brau. Brau women wore necklaces, bracelets bronze, silver.
Brau men and women at the age of thirteen, fifteen are the custom floss. They cut short the four upper front teeth. After floss often eye tattoo, tattoos for body paint different beliefs live symbiotically with jungle birds. Tattoo mostly geometric patterns, birds, animal-shaped, fish shaped, sometimes just a dot on the skin nodules chain. Continue floss, stretch ears, tattooing is the culture Truong Son - Tay Nguyen anonymous indigenous people have so far been preserved Brau in contemporary life.
Family life according to the model of the family Brau small, patriarchal society proves Brau Dak village development sesame had far nomadic period on Xe Xan River Basin, the Nam Khong side Contaminated water. Each family owned a pair of sticky floor, the main house, outbuildings. In many houses had gong dong, bangles, dresses are the things that your people considered to represent wealth, business flourishes. Family authority focused on the husband, the father, but sometimes the opinion of the wife, the mother cungduoc respect, consideration. With Brau daughters, sons are treated equally. When a daughter marries divided dowry to prop when about to marry into.
Boys and girls Brau marital love is freedom, freedom to choose when to learn, and mate. When mutual consent, the boys asked him to bring chicken wholesale pork, alcohol need to put the ceremony the bride. Then the ceremony held at the bride's home every charge of boys. The wedding is on the fun of the whole community. People are drinking wine, singing love singing, beat gongs, dancing and endless praise for the happy couple. At the wedding reception, bride and groom sit together sometimes grandparents clues to follow the custom wheels and double feed each other. When greeted them every village, he matchmakers led the couple to show sincerity and instead of the husband and wife promise sustainable coast.
T ục Brau practices in-law to four to five years. A daughter-in-law expires in ancestral ceremony daughters also be home husband. But the young couple still has to perform custom rotations paternal maternal residence. Under this procedure, the couple two or three years in the house of her husband and then again two or three years to come into the house next door wife. Once a parent is no more side regardless of the place outside the couple that was staying home to become the new breadwinners. Then actually terminate employment law, made-in-law to master an adult family equality in the community.
Brau pregnant women, birth, infant feeding in the early stages are run by a woman with experience, understanding care for her role tuwfba do.Khi child was born seven days old to help her find , naming names and test it through the cup of the wine. If feels good wine, the name was assigned. Where not to look upon other names naming ceremony to do from the beginning.
When someone dies in the house, well-Brau ethnic gongs, drums inform village communities know. Decedent was changing clothes or dresses new archives and handed out to the funeral home to makeshift funeral, not to where housing. The body lay head back in the old home and shrouding wooden coffin with hollowed trunk. The body was covered blanket coat, cover, tied, sealed clay plaster. Villagers drinking, dancing to the beat of gongs farewell to the deceased in the realm of ghosts. Brau burial in the form of crude, buried coffins Semi Submersible up the tomb, decorated with wooden masks. Before the funeral lasts 2-3 days, ended after the burial. Now people do weddings, funerals accordance cultural life did not last long as the previous day.
According to the opinion of the Brau the gods created the universe and humans. Extant fellow legend "fire water flooded," explained the formation of heaven and earth, the cosmos and the ancient nguoi.Thuo a wild flames burned surges flooded sky and mountains. Species extinction only remaining woman and dog. The close contact between animals and gave birth to a son. General eldest son with her mother touched her daughter's birth. Mother died, the brothers have close contact to humans crowded then as it is today.
In the opinion of the Brau polytheistic gods have made giant steps rivers, coral called rainy wind, blowing born life, fascinated causing death. Brau beliefs mountain god, river god, the god of trees, rock god. Sacrificial trees trees trees rooc uphold shorts on the tips of exfoliation 1m woven into baskets shaped cuttings back to the sky. A small ladder leads up to the entrance where the tube cuttings basket of rice, pork liver, eggs, chicken feathers, chicken legs, chicken wings. The god of the sun, the moon, the mountain, the river god, forest god, guardian spirit who always worship Brau. Ceremonial head of dinhneu men are worshiping at home, all see the same ceremony as if worship in the village.
Fellow humans have conceived soul and the flesh. When normal living soul resides in the body at the top of the head. Last illness advocacy disembody term space travel vastly then only a dead person, the soul become ghosts.
Celebration new rice crop after harvest cultivation is the official holiday of the Brau. In the solemnity of the day she pluck up trees outlined against brain cuttings placed inside basket offerings expressed rising sun god blesses ancestral land, celebrate the season, pray for peace for the family and community. After the singing ceremony that gathered to dance, beat gongs last up to a day.
Brau compatriots love folk music and enjoys the community activities. So far in Dac mother passed many legendary tales, fables about animals bearing human behavior. The festival, holidays Brau elderly often tell stories to their children all night listening. In particular, animal tales as quick-witted dog, turtle ingenuity, mischievous monkeys, fierce tiger has collected experience both Dongbao where live wild jungle and conquering song became tame animals invisible power of the human intellect.
Folk Brau still continuing source circuit, which is the ancient theater of storytelling of the elderly with the grandchildren. Wedding Songs, lullabies are bright and Brau tunes captivated listeners in dense space of CTS.
In folk music Brau, gongs important role indispensable in every ritual and community activities, family. Gongs ethnic divides into three categories: coong gong, gong man, and gong collection. Chiang collection is the most valuable kind of gong because it was cast in bronze alloys with other phase should audio adjustment and titration distant echoing gong durability is also very high. Brau puncher who beat top gong by similar upholstered using gong of Muong people in northern mountainous but simpler. Brau's gong typing different from the nations in the region in the face pat gong. At the festival gong hanging from a pole along the length of staging or communal house on stilts. Brau gong set harmonies echoing the glamor of pace for the rhythm of Folk dancers.
Musical instruments of the Brau bamboo has many similarities with the ethnic groups in the region. Similar to drop baits Forum Klong put above of the Ba Na, Ede. Dan range from five to seven even eleven twelve perforated bamboo tubes winding barrel cut different lengths forming different sound. The girls play the piano by Brau tapped to become the mouth tube accompaniment, background music for traditional songs.
Kite folk games, walking on stilts, hit basting delighted children and youth playing at home when the festival free.
But at the resident population in remote areas but Brau always hardworking, innovative efforts to build life preserving cultural development. Compatriot Party, State support particularly interested in specific projects dekhong fade ethnic identity to social and economic development gradually along with the ethnic groups in the CTS-west Highlands.

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