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Bru - Van Kieu are natives long resident in North Truong Son of the western region of the province of Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue. The Bru - Van Kieu have groups under local calling are Van Kieu, Tri, Khua, Ma Coong. Voice of Bru - Van Kieu language group Mon - Khmer language group close to the South Asian voices of ethnic groups living near the Ta Oi, Co Tu.
Bru - Van Kieu in our country has a population of 88 279 people.
On the historical origins of the Bru - Van Kieu ancient residence mainly in Central Laos, Republic of Lao People's Democratic today. Due to historical volatility few refugees from the Northwest dinhcu in northeast Thailand. A large proportion of migrants to the east beyond the Truong Son range to settle in the West of Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue province today. This area has become home to a long tradition of the Bru - Van Kieu.
Bru - Van Kieu resident of the village formed relatively isolated ethnic groups, together with the village residents expressed clear land for each community. Where up usually on the hill village halfway up the mountain or along the water. The village is arranged along the length of river passages. In the case of unstable to worry prop disaster or enemy, fellow villagers also built structure follows the structure of the population around the communal house community. But such kind of fight the village rarely formed during the life of the current peace.
The Bru - Van Kieu pick up village land, buildings under very strict rules for the whole community. Those landowners, chiefs or the right to dispose. Previously people believed in omens dream, choose good, stay away from something ominous in dreamless land picking up villages, buildings, arable farming development. Fellow in the floor, hit the roof of the house in the village not crash into each other. When building the first church building ma column. It was the home column should not replace good wood selected. When digging holes to bury the column, the column for water immersion worshiped aromatic roots into. Completed home every day lighting beeswax pillar and patriarch pray to lotions in column worshiped. At that time a new home is the kitchen fire, to fire three consecutive days and nights. Baked bamboo tube patriarch hit explosions create columns exorcism then moved in the new.
Housing structure Bru - Van Kieu have two types of housing, the floor and the floor two cupolas roof, thatched. Each house has two doors into two main staircases, doors for ladies, men's store and customers come and go. Two first question in the forum include graphics roof decorated wooden horns or horn-type bird designs. Indoor decoration, seating first chamber where columns worshiped, followed by accommodation for the elderly and then to the spouses and children, the end is to utensils. Indoor fire for cooking, heating, drying the material is also a place for receptions, family activities.
In the village community Bru - Van Kieu clearly expressed datva patriarchal role. Landowner is the first person to find out, clearing his land. Patriarch who many years, with experience in manufacturing and social activities, reputable in their lineage. Landowners, the patriarch presided over the ceremonies often, worship, funerals, weddings, established villages, buildings. Organization Bru village - Van Kieu sustainable, community role be enhanced, bold neighborly relations. The Bru - Van Kieu hospitality, visitors to play the family to eat and sleep at home conceived it as luck. Strangers from coming home when worship, not in the village when the epidemic.
Diet Bru - Van Kieu glutinous rice with soup is usually cooked with rice and crab, fish, frog, parody, prawns, shrimps, grilled dishes tubers, fruits, meat, fish farmers are preferred. These holidays people cooking food in bamboo tubes, fresh cork with rustic dishes, with tastes of traditional shifting cultivation residents with a life rich hunters and gatherers. Rice, as an indispensable part in the festival and entertain you. Farmers also need to keep drinking habits and eating habits loading. Men and women, young and old are smokers with a pipe.
Apparel Bru - Van Kieu has many similarities with the peoples residing in the Truong Son - Central Highlands, men in loincloths, women wear skirts. Of men and women in traditional clothing are pullovers, no hands, clothes made of fabric panels in composite hole folds for pullovers, two slopes stitched edges. Before her son has not formed habits cotton, spinning, weaving cloth that use shells pounded a forest species give off white yarn dyed silk dressed, wearing apparel archives. Apparel today acquire fellow selective matching regional production practices and daily life of his people. In the tradition of men, women Bru - Van Kieu are chignon, teeth dyed black. Unmarried women chignon misses to the left, opposite the top bun is married other people dau.Truoc also environmental practices in the dyeing process festive holidays. Some groups still floss, face tattoos for men and women into adulthood but today the practice is not common anymore.
In addition to family relationships, community Bru - Van Kieu have lifelong tradition for hungry friends no, trouble, with another mortal. When you follow the custom, they eat oath ceremony by killing chickens bled together drinking sophisticate, with friends saying his promises.
The family of the Bru - Van Kieu is a small family model patriarchy. Oldest man is the host role. When homeowners deceased was handed over to his eldest son. Formerly married daughter as division of property is not divided or very little.
Marriage in the form of monogamy. Young men and women Bru - Van Kieuden age marry and are given the husband usually does not sleep at night to sleep in the family home community, home of the village called Roong or drilling. Some go xim areas, like the spry young couple own hut away from the village to the learning center. When giving consent boys girls small objects offered married, finding a matchmaker and said sides of the same parents.
At the groom's bride not to the girl, bride to get married stairs. Traditional wedding ceremonies map with copper pot, Bullion, string beads, bars kiem.Khi bride to the husband, the appointment of chasing girls seem to want to claim me, but then entered into the procession strawberry. Daughter of the husband through the foot-washing up, celebration dinner together with her husband, chef north ceremony. The bride's delegation led new bride back to sleep next to carry the bride's 4 bowls. When I returned home to celebrate their daughter dam irrigation kitchen sword plugged into it. Then a new girl pig or worship the ancestors. The daughter of the husband as a bride to the ceremony via the coast, the wife gave her bridegroom new stitching line knives when they officially recognized communities.
During pregnancy, a woman Bru - Van Kieu undergo far more taboo, carry heavy loads, do not eat bananas, do not eat infected animals, do not walk through the trees blocking the path, do not go halfway back again. Childbirth, abstinence is marked with foliage hanging head home to forbid strangers. Young children after two or three months to name. Who has been named the child, the old name of further names.
The Bru - Van Kieu seriously taboo, worship in the house. All this magic touches, to spirit, to the death and the funeral are the dark rider. Altar ma place where columns is the most stringent diet, women, strangers not be touched, appliances not to close the impure.
In a home where someone died, their bedroom is broken, the body horizontal leg forward towards the door patriarch, new uncle to be shrouding. Burial coffins carefully woven bark or cork fiber spokes stretch, where relatives used hollowed bamboo duo. Before digging land selection, eggs thrown down, dig broken eggs. In addition to items divided by the deceased buried under, her children also planted sugar cane, corn, potatoes around the tomb. Buried away without finishing the exhumation.
The Bru - Van Kieu ancestor worship in a small house in the garden floor above 1m. Each death is symbolic objects such as pieces church bowl, pot pieces, tubes of rice, rice package. Each clan has traditionally taboo, lies separately for each animal, items such as brown tubers, banana, fish, cats, squirrels ... do not eat meat are not touched. Farmers are keeping worship worship sacred objects such as swords carrying mask, piece bowl, flames and fire. Villagers worship the gods of the mountain, the river god, the god of earth, tree god, the sun god, the god of the morning star, evening star, guardian god, god of wealth, tutelary. 500 years ago on Khua branch of Bru - Van Kieu also introduced the Buddhist faith from Laos to.
Rice sowing festival is considered the most important festival in the religious life and community activities Bru - Van Kieu. In Congress, each bearing the seeds to the ground to celebrate. Making spontaneous movements ceremonial vows paddy rice mother called, soul bless the rice on the villagers. Do heavily ritual agricultural residents should seriously play upland farmers, agricultural cultivation under the moon cycle calendar. Vocational secondary screening of her children have woven leaves, woven trays, baskets are very popular. Hunters and gatherers, though still exist but do not hold important positions in the productive life as before.
The Bru - Van Kieu have cultural life, cultural richness. Musical instruments drums have long drum, big drum, drum children. Brass instrument with cymbals, gongs knob. Musical instruments trumpet with pi, a man, you would Rien and lock out. Musical instruments have a common herd, Pờ Trick. Xim Dalam go sing for men and women know many folk, men and women to meet, sing and tell lyrics, sing praise. Bru story treasure - Van Kieu very values ​​this storied life as transmitted human origins, migration processes, practices floss. Folk art movement, preservation of traditional culture of her children Bru - Van Kieu being developed today in the life and production.
Over many centuries symbionts reside in the East Truong Son North Central area with many ethnic groups but fellow subsidiary Bru - Van Kieu still preserve the traditional cultural values ​​and community cohesion as well as ethnic solidarity with the brothers. 1 lap compatriots under the Party, Uncle Ho for independence against foreign aggression and continuing to contribute to build and defend our country, there are many examples of the typical hero during the revolution. In particular, the past half century to voluntarily bring their compatriots of Uncle Ho expressed his deep commitment to the beloved country of Vietnam.
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