Ethnic La Ha

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quoc Ngoc

La Ha are natives living in the Northwest region of Vietnam. XI-XII century migratory Thais to this land, they met ancestry La Ha. The owner of the mining fields of water in the basin of the Red River Valley watershed, Black River. So when do rituals Muong, Thai people still hold deck Book 'Poi warm white buffalo sacrifices, a famous leader of La Ha earlier.
Quite Phlao La Ha or call people names. Local groups include La Ha boots, La Ha Phlao. Voice La Ha ethnic language group Ka Belt of South Asian language family there are many factors Mon - Khmer, Tay - Thai.
La Ha ethnic approximately 9533 residents mainly in the provinces of Son La and Lai Chau.
The majority of La Ha is still maturing and shifting cultivation combined with water fields. Agricultural products mainly glutinous rice, glutinous corn, potato cultivation, cassava, cotton.
3 persons La Ha maintain farming practices
The first form is nomadic, living entirely by shifting cultivation. Deforestation trees, to dry out and then burned to ashes, by planting trees poked holes seeded.
The second form is semi-sedentary, living by shifting cultivation, combined with overtime some rice fields with hoes.
The third form of sedentary, living by farming rice fields associated with shifting cultivation.
La Ha people develop animal husbandry, poultry, gathering, hunting, fishing. Wicker domay fellow female tre.Phu good at self-woven fabric to clothe.
La Ha regular people eat sticky rice sticky style furniture, new rice shortage month urging further eat rice, corn and cassava.
La Ha people also continue dyed black and betel chewing teeth, in some places have the custom to eat dried clay like Kinh Lap Thach area (Vinh Phuc) ago. La Ha people both men and women are exactly the same outfits Thais.
From the above cultivation method, the residence of the La Ha has two types:
1 is the type of makeshift houses built from wood columns available fork with the beam of wood, bamboo and less processed, the floor dropped, grill anymore, thatched roofs. Two oval head hovering roof that fellow called jaw type pigs (trade spacious). This house style is only a few ramshackle three years, must shore.
Indoor layout usually divided into two parts: the outer part of the men's spot, where seating, baffled, placed on the altar wall of the ancestors, under the altar wine jug columns forced to worship. Small family of La Ha is small patriarchal family was completely dominant. The wife is completely dependent on the husband, the wife finished wedding to follow their husband's name change. The wife has no right to use the property in the house when her husband died and property belonging to the son; if there are no sons, the brothers of the husband is entitled to. When the marriage of her daughter, the voice of his father, uncle meaningful decision.
From such relationships should lead to marriages La Ha is due uncle, the daughters and sons decide to pay for the woman's family a large sum (formerly 3langj half white) called kha nang pom money (bid price wife). La Ha married people but not with drug revenues side (large rice wine), it is not yet officially husband and wife. When her husband dies descendants have large wine feast, the villagers invite new parents reunited in the afterlife. La Ha who has sworn brothers continue as siblings.
La Ha notion who each had eight souls, souls all on top of the head, the other soul in two eyes, two ears, one mouth 2 nose. When the soul is no longer in the body anymore, that person dies, the other soul turned into ghost (kDa)
La Ha people concept: The dead live on in the afterlife. The body shroud finished pallet and shield placed on new tomb buried in his coffin. Ductu a wooden coffin to a tree. They give less rice and put money in the first two arms and two broken heels of meaning for the dead. Lower finished graves, each scooping up a handful funeral earth thrown into the coffin lid and then covered the grave into knee-high square. On the grave as the grave, grave reservations tray cart, plows, boxes containing clothes, blankets ... four square corner flag cloth plug 4 is white, yellow. Around the walled tomb, opened only one entrance at the foot of the grave. Upon his return to sanctifying mourners brandishing mortars and rice to chase evil spirits newly step up the stairs. La Ha pro person (La Ha water) down his soul concept Da, while the La Ha Phlao soul concept uphill nui.Quan between the living and the dead may fade over time, but the longer worship in.
La Ha people worshiped the (ancestral) called church fathers. When the father dies, the old altar set up new altar to worship the father. Fellow ghost notion that older fathers (ancestors) will become ghost shifting. When her mother died before his father put his son on the altar wall space to signal the visitors' ancestral mother to the afterlife (heavily patriarchal nature should not see mum comes to ritual worship)
Every year on the occasion of the flowers blooming, the family of La Ha conducted Valborg (Phing man is miles) to reward nurturing father. That morning, the landlord blowing poking and poking away white sticky orange, red meat animals are already through drying hunting, map taro, gourds and vegetables grown on the fields. Hostess bury these packages into the package put on wheels, flared church father, the bride posture husband served you. The content of this ceremony brings two meanings; one is to drink water, remember its source, thanks birth parents, two is early spring ceremony tied to the agricultural population.
In celebration of spring, all swine technological proxies also began to reserve places of worship to their parents. La Ha supporters who use sows to worship, and the La Ha Plao powder used for international pig. They bring boiled pork and spot surgery. Women sticky sticky toys to celebrate. Sticky rice cooked to bring them grain, cotton hat symbolizes scattered throughout galaxy sowing season on the terrace. Temptation tray flung out everyone in the bucket to scramble to pray for good luck for the family season new season. The landlord put a pig's head on a platter new church then invited worships. Greeting Spring holidays with his wife and pork they worship at his house and cut the neck to give the tubers 1khoanh. The home side their reciprocal wife with a package of rice, and shakes.
La Ha people write poetry or sing in Thai is a 2 dieumua thao.Ho characterized Dance dancing penis and provide for. working on a home altar, church effigy shaman usually penis (lingam), and the wooden sword.
Under feudalism and colonialism, ethnic La Ha undervalued, heavily exploited. People who take the form of forced servitude by-side dominance created. If not guarantee workers paid Phair dich 1 corresponding to the amount of grain required labor too much for people.
In each of the La Ha has one head ruling called Khum withdrawal, assisting the ministry Khum rule have called Khum care Funeral Directors Service officer working as pit. Khum months oversees policing section, suppress withdrawal Khum People do ban.Muon heads must spend money to buy the dominant force officials to have power and revenues from the exploitation of people's health.
Since the successful revolution 8-1945 month, Northwest this rule did not exist in ethnic La Ha.
But escape from oppression and exploitation of the colonial and feudal but indigenous production level of fellow La Ha still at very low levels, retardation, low labor productivity, unstable, life hard living, dependence on natural, year-round food shortages.
Today, the implementation of the campaign sedentary, and 135.134 of the Government program of infrastructure in the region of La Ha people improved significantly, the majority of people had moved out of poverty initial access to commodity production by forming regional industrial crops and ensure food production is life.
But the population was not crowded but fellow La Ha has made many contributions during the resistance war for national salvation, build and protect the Northwest region of the country. Especially in the Northwest Campaign and Battle of Dien Bien Phu period of resistance against the French colonialists invaded, the people who contributed many of the direct human labor power to the front, protecting staff contributed to the team joint success of the nation.
La Ha compatriots are in particularly difficult areas being supported by the State to stabilize in many aspects of life, production development, social progress and promote the conservation of traditional cultural values ​​of the nation .

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