Ethnic Lao

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Quoc ngoc

Laotians also known as Change to kink, I say sources, Phu Lao, Phu Thay. Lao Tay Thai language group. Laos has 16,720 ethnic people residing interspersed with other ethnic groups in Dien Bien, Son La, Thanh Hoa.
Fluent Laotian rice fields with water irrigation system complete, the tool is traction plowing cattle like Thais, shifting cultivation techniques for the purpose of transporting. Also adopted was a lot of pigs, chickens, ducks ... The Lao have ceramic clay craft quite proficient turntable, squeeze jars, jars, jar, jars, with high technology, beautiful patterns, the exchange throughout the Muong Thanh , Chiang Chum, Muong La. Women Laos has long been known for deftly weaving., Brocade Laos in 1 high level similar to Thai. Forging, carved furniture craft very well developed.
Lao people like to eat sticky rice, glutinous rice soaked away toys, eating fried unloaded, sometimes like to eat sticky rice beans, cassava. Food usually dishes made from fish, especially the marinated dishes. Marinated fish cooked with sour bamboo shoots can, breaded fish marinated steamed leaf pack. Lao people also drink wine, smoke with his pipe, very beautiful carved wood.
Map of Lao people including 15-20 roof, situated on a high hill on the slopes backrest, along the rivers and streams. House in a sparse arrangement, around the house usually has spicy fruit or shade trees and vegetable gardens flap spices. The Lao stilts tortoise shell shaped roof also breeds Thais. When building up to the previous column on the side of the kitchen to cook every day. During the first night in a new house, the flames from the old house to the new house to bring the fire all night.
To Vietnam, Laos The general often visualize, lunges with the Thai Lu people. The system of Lao is located in the local administrative units should be before the liberation, it was a colonial society semi-feudal. Depending on the location, Lao people are treated equally. Typically, where concentrated, they are regarded as free men Thai (PAY), is entitled to appoint the village heads, or even who his ideal side, under the authority of a general or district a decent Thai police. The upper class Lao people also enjoy field office, as well as the population is taken 1 stalk or kid yourself, people are right to govern ... · Contains see upper class phenomenon Lao people taken other peoples do Pua for themselves, although further rate unlimited rights. Lao people here enjoy shouldering field to go carefully, paying taxes to the French colonialists. The rules of aristocrats Thai prescribed for the filing of game animals, pay bees, fish and precious products are applied to the Lao people. Residents of the Lao sporadic, for cultivation suffered stalk or kid's destiny. Every year, each family must appoint one person to go sessions on occasions played 3 times, cut down trees, burning, sowing and reaping. In addition, they must submit the request of the police department. After the liberation, he has mastered the Muong Lao. Colonialism, side created was deleted.
Laotians have many family and clan name similar to Thai. These bugs have their own furnaces, they Vi, they Luong, Ca ... .with them the taboo like Thai eponymous family.
Each family lineage includes many large and small families. Gia dinhlon previously very popular, is now only found in the outback. The predominant small family farming in regions of water got into cooperatives. Family to decide to focus on the next husband is dealing with the guests or the visualization. The woman did the housework housewife. Indoors, assigning each one according to practices, again adding gentle temperament so little friction occurs. Child care is the same, irrespective of boys and girls.
Lao men's clothing like men who move, Kho Mu and consisting of trousers, shirts. Lao women other costumes, larger clothes, belly buttons installed sir, the two sides engaged each side armpits red fabric tassels hang down 1, on which rattles wearing silver beads carved inlays. Women's dresses skirts shorter Lao Thai woman, wrapped as tightly wrapped chest communal shaving soap, clothing waistband government out. Women Laos Pieu turban, at the river, the code is scattered sharp Pieu head scarf. If unmarried women, the top bun contrary, if the bun husband misses to the left. Women are not Lao babies strapped in the back that had babies strapped inside the armpit. Festivals, women like to wear multiple necklaces Laos, sometimes inches long each. Laos Popular mu tattooed woman shaped vegetable slender hands, and men have preferred wrist xam Buddhist swastika.
Laotians previously organized large family life, this popular small family is patriarchal. Visualize the administrative organization as the Thai, Lu. Laos marriage marriage is positive, their son Dinh Xao are allowed to take their daughters to my back. After the wedding, the daughter of her husband's house immediately, but sometimes still in-law regime some places. Son in law are treated equally, the husband and wife in their own home for buffalo girls, money, cloth and other things needed to build a small family.
Previously, his funeral Buddhist Laos should cremate the remains, long days with only BMS hill top, while the other cases are crude. Laotians do not cry during the funeral by their conception of death is changing the world.
Laotian Buddhist though but in the villages are no temples. Ma copies are offered in a tree in a ceremony of this nature worship as a god worshiping, praying for good crops, thriving village, but again offering Buddhist flowing properties, it's just fruit, bananas, bread and especially no chicken, pork. Laotians also continue ancestors on the occasion of New Year. Laotians celebrate the New Year on the lunar calendar in April. Every month, on the fifteenth day and thirty days, Laotians remain open formal ceremony on Buddhist tower, offering only fruit. Laotians are also many other rituals related to agriculture such as rain ceremony, continue to eat fresh ...
Laotian capital of folk art culture is quite rich. In the publication, there are five good but he mo, said many myths, fairy tales and folk The story is here special mix of Thai and Lao. The books on palm leaves are very popular record Laos familiar stories as well as all over the tone, lyrical verses Thai singer. Laotian women dance well, sing well. Five pipe dance performances are also often adjacent the spread of Thai dance.
Recently, the Lao People absorb the cultural capital of the ethnic groups through the press, radio, through films, through direct contact in production and fighting. It is these that have contributed to raising their consciousness * For the fatherland, for the people and they are willing to sacrifice to fight for their remote border region of the country, against the commandos and other activities conspiracy to harass the border. Youth walk Laos team, the women population. Fellow proud of its contribution to the fight against the US, and at the last water in the building of socialism today, as well as on the contributions of their ancestors in the revolt of Hoang Cong quality almost 200 years ago, fighting to preserve the territorial integrity of Vietnam and against the feudal imperial Dien Bien Koxinga on land, as well as in the struggle against the military invasion of Siam during the two centuries XVIII and XIX.

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