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Formosa Plastics Group: Terminator environment

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Environmental protection organizations Ethecon was awarded Germany's "Black Planet" for Formosa Plastics Group of Taiwan in 2009

Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) is the parent company of Iron and Steel Company Hung Nghiep Formosa Ha Tinh - now discharge caused mass death of fish in the last four central provinces.
Continually bowed down
"Black Planet" - Annual Award of the Organization Ethecon born in 2004, in order to expose and condemn the enterprise "sinned" in most environment. It used to be called "giants" BP - the British oil group was fined about $ 20 billion for oil spill the worst in history in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.
FPG phải chi hơn 2 triệu USD chi phí thuê quân đội Campuchia xử lý hậu quả vụ xả độc ở Sihanoukville dưới sự giám sát của Công ty CMD (Mỹ) Ảnh: REUTERS
FPG to spend more than $ 2 million Cambodian troops rental costs consequences handle toxic discharge in Sihanoukville under the supervision of the Company CMD (US) Photo: REUTERS
In the statement given "Black Planet" for FPG, Ethecon named the owner of the 4th prize awarded is the members of the Wang family - FPG founder, president Lee Chih-Tsuen and the entire leadership group. Ethecon that the top figures must be responsible for the destruction of human health and the environment across the board, even causing many deaths by way of action concerned only FPG own interests.
The name of the group was established since 1954 is attached to this too many times to bow apologize for the destruction of the environment for notoriety not only in many countries around the world, but also here at home in Taiwan. In 1998, the belated apology from FPG is given only after the consequences have gone too far in relation to the group for trying to get rid of 5,000 tons of waste, including 3,000 tons of mercury contamination, the Gulf of Thailand, near the seaport of Sihanoukville - Cambodia.
This wastes some "silently" to Sihanoukville on the container 140 from the end of May 11-1998, and then loaded on 90 trucks not covered, to an open area outside the city, not fenced nor Warning signs. Many nearby residents have come here to take advantage of how to download, even the rice container. They also take waste carefree home fertilize crops. According to Phnom Penh Post, many truck FPG waste is washed in a clean large lake provides drinking water for local residents.
When these abnormal health appeared - such as headache, vomiting, difficulty breathing, fever, diarrhea ... - together with more information on deaths from exposure to waste, riots erupted started making 1 people were killed. The death of one employee working at the port of Sihanoukville pushed tensions peaked. The main victims are the discharge of waste on board the above transfer of FPG, causes of death are the symptoms of mercury poisoning, while five other employees also were hospitalized. More than 50,000 residents to evacuate for fear Sihanoukville and traffic accidents occurred in the midst of a panic flight from the home country claimed the lives of 4 people ...
At that time, Taiwan media analysis from leading Japanese experts showed that volumes of waste that FPG "exported" to Sihanoukville mercury levels exceed the safety limit to 20,000 times. Key government officials have voiced Taiwan also requested the group that put the poison back home.
Sinned everywhere
The work was too noisy in the press around the world, FPG can not continue to insist that their waste lots "safe" and "legal" again. Group Chairman Wang Yung-ching, is finally open apology for "causing disturbance lives of the Cambodian people."
May 2-1999, Cambodia and FPG 16 point agreement, which shall be responsible FPG packed up, clean up and put the waste out of the country under the supervision of the Company's independent CMD (US). At the same time, this group must also provide medical expenses for victims of poisoning.
However, the group of their boss Wang - ever Forbes magazine's 178 richest people in the world (2008) - not to accept compensation for victims of contaminated well as the Cambodian government - which must consuming less budget to solve the crisis has yet to end this effect.
In fact, many states in the US stretches nor unfamiliar with the story "bowed down" and fines for environmental damage of FPG. May 9-2009, FPG was the Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency fined up to 13 million Americans, mostly used to improve the environmental group's factory "poison" in the states of Texas and Louisiana .
In May 10-1985, Stauffer Chemical Company owned by FPG Chemicals in Delaware is the state Department of Justice emergency recovery operation license. The company was closed for 6 weeks. Causes of action derived from waste recalcitrant toxic chemicals can cause cancer in the environment that water wells near the plant contaminated. Penalties are given to prove the determination of Delaware officials after fines of up to $ 1 million given earlier with Stauffer Chemicals also can not change the attitude of this company.
A series of factory workers in the United States of FPG has co-written a complaint leaves the group because of illness they suffered due to the work process. Meanwhile, the trade association of chemical industries in the United States have consistently denied any cooperation with FPG.
Almost no place that this group is not set foot boom protests. Including Taiwan - where FPG enterprises in the top 10 most polluting and "contribute" to 25% of total greenhouse gas emissions of the island.
Next time: The $ 20 billion oil spill
In recent years, an additional portion FGP-related scandals since a series of fatal accidents worrisome. In 2015, an incident occurred at the plant in the south of FPG Texas - USA made 11 workers were killed. Nearly one year earlier, another plant of the group in illiopolis City, Illinois - United States $ 300,000 penalty for violations in the incident that killed 5 workers.
Also in Texas, an explosion occurred at a factory of FPG 1998 makes 26 workers injured. A year earlier, two workers suffocated in a container of FPG chemical tanker ...


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