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Journey brought in Ha Tinh Formosa

08-07-2016 - 20:12 - 904 lượt xem

Bach Hoan

Dated 16-1-2008, Ha Tinh People's Committee have written to the Prime Minister for the investment policy iron and steel complex and Son Duong port Formosa.
4-3-2008 day, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai signed the documents convey the opinions of the Prime Minister, subject to approval of the iron and steel project in Vung Ang investment Formosa. Ha Tinh and relevant ministries filing instructions Formosa investment permits.
Dated 21-5-2008, licensing records an initial scale projects is 7.8 billion dollars, the area has been completed 3.300ha dizziness, put on the table Vo Kim Cu. Just days later, the ministry had nodded 100%. It must be said that the administrative procedures with super fast speed Formosa that any enterprise doing business in Vietnam and to dream. They did not understand the project evaluation What type?
Dated 12-6-2008, fast surface, Formosa received investment certificates. Incentives at the highest level, long list of incentives that this matter does not stand.
Dated 30-6-2008, Formosa was the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment approved the report of environmental impact assessment. I must say that with a super high speed projects in the field of super pollution!
From here, Formosa has officially existed in Vung Ang and continuous claimant.
* Formosa was Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai resource tax exemption for leveling sand suction operation.
* Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai instructed the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs to apply a special mechanism, flexibility to respond to the introduction of foreign workers in the country in the project and Formosa. Since then, Ha Tinh exempt consular legalization by certified translations in licensing procedures for foreign workers in Formosa.
* Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai has allowed Formosa complete the prescribed procedures to perform the construction of housing for workers and workers' families to rent or buy. Formosa to claim land rent exemption.
* Even send documents to the Government, Formosa also launched several dozen long filenames recommendations.
Ha Tinh province, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Investment ... agencies, departments always laboring for Formosa. Everything was done very quickly so it seems they forget that, an environmental destroyer seniority as Formosa, if you want to be in Vietnam, the Vietnam ought to have a claim. Behind this, is behind the foot Formosa unicorn head, gradually to disregard the law and the people of Vietnam.
Why so?

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