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Read works : Ta Dinh De, Hidden corners life- Think about the human conditions

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Dr Hoang Xuan Luong


Noon June 26, We attended 49 days of her aunt, wife of Lieutenant General Nguyen Quoc Ruler; here, he Duong Thanh Table, former Deputy Director of the Institute of the Supreme People's Procuracy donated his book I just finished: Nicholas De, the hidden corners of life.

 Book strangely charismatic. I read both while in a meeting, driving, passion and determination that narrowly delimited on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street; Read all the meals, reading to 2 am to wait and see football uro. Closes his book first image pops up in mind I'm not the main character Nicholas De, which is the author of the book - British Duong Thanh statement. As a holder of the right of birth, as his police authority, which has won dozens of years while in office to scour the entire profile of a human truth is adversity. This is the great qualities of a detention officer balance law.

Until now, and ever after, in the heart of the people, Tse Recommended is a hero. As the commander of Special Thanh Hanoi dynamic smart, brave during the war against France, his feats and teammates have become legends in the folk. A Tse offer is Chairman Fitness Sports, art culture of the railway industry, with a gallant air means and profound humanity he brought together many talents as African footballers, as Phan Lac Hoa, Quang Vu Save ... to produce a football team Railways echo of a time; for the song "Ship him through the mountain" to become immortal songs, to play "I and we" open up a mindset of the innovation. Tse offer a workshop in charge of Railways rubber instruments, a brave thinking, breakthrough innovation economic management mechanism. Tse Recommended main contemporaries rejected Kim Ngoc, Vinh Phu Provincial Secretary, human breakthroughs in agricultural production contracts, the Tse who initiated exchange offer products to groups and workers in the industry. Not only thanks to the courage and intelligence, daring to break the outdated mechanisms, which discovered Tse offer big problem because every day that he was pleased to see cramps padded cassava meal, potato dots with salt water and boiled vegetables of workers, images of workers miserable torment his heart, that is the motivation for Tse Recommended light views.

 Rather painful, a talent like that again entangled in labor management within the felony: Embezzlement, bribery, intentional wrongdoing. After two years in captivity, was not guilty, but the appeal was pending, then detained the next two years. Four years wrongfully imprisoned, the Independent Data medals awarded to him had eased the pain and descendants Tse offer not suffer?

 Why do people have made great contributions to the country devoted as the common Tse Recommended wrongfully convicted? Anh Duong Thanh statement said that if shelve the personal reasons as jealous, vindictive ... the underlying cause is the provisions of the law and the staff, including the staff of Justice practices have not kept pace with innovation, using the old rules with a sclerotic thinking, leading to disastrous consequences that were strangling the new factor. I want him Duong Thanh permit further analysis statement that he was "temporarily shelved" That's human. Mechanisms, laws and law enforcement are also human. So these cases Tse De, Kim Ngoc are so petty leader, trumpet, rancor. The danger is that they coat protective shell Party, provided protection to shooting mode, to harm others; There is some chance, sycophantic, wriggle, took the opportunity to prove that heart "loyal" to his superiors, so has not given any public despicable tricks. That is the most fundamental cause of the point of view of human, resulting in the mistreatment with comrades, our fellow like that.

 It is time to look at the past brave to restore honor to the outstanding people of the nation had been wrongfully convicted. Doing this not only thank the people and alleviate pain under the yellow stream, but more important is to connect people's hearts are towards the bright future of the country.

        Writing in the Cultural Center 01.07.2016 TayHo night.

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