Car bomb crashed into the Chinese embassy in Kyrgyzstan

30-08-2016 - 23:02 - 630 lượt xem

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A car containing explosives was driven straight to the Chinese embassy gate in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, causing one death and three injured.
AFP quoted police Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, said the vehicle, Mitsubishi Delica, working through the gate, then exploded in the middle of China's embassy district, near the residence of the Chinese ambassador at around 10am today. Driver died on the spot. Three people were injured but not life-threatening. Kyrgyz police have sealed off the scene.
"Only terrorists, suicide bombers were killed. The wounded protect", Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Jenish Razakov told reporters. Three injured are citizens of Kyrgyzstan working at the embassy.
China's Xinhua news agency citing security said it was a suicide bombing.
Kyrgyz security agencies informed the incident is under investigation, declined to provide details. The car is said to be carrying 24 kilograms of explosives. Currently there is no organization claimed responsibility.
The images on social networks Kyrgyzstan showed broken concrete pieces in embassies and high smoke column.
Smoke rises from the Chinese embassy in Kyrgyzstan
Local people said the blast shook their house. Staff at the Chinese embassy and the nearby US embassy were evacuated.
Kyrgyzstan has long had political instability and are faced with radical Islamism. The two governments in this country have been overthrown since 1991, when separated from the Soviet Union. Kyrgyzstan announced that they regularly break the conspiracy of the Islamic State (IS) to carry out on its territory. Kyrgyz authorities say about 500 people have joined the IS in Iraq and Syria.
Chinese officials in Kyrgyzstan has been the target of attack. One person was shot dead in 2000 with the perpetrators were extremists are Uighurs.

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