China "transfusion" army

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Quoc Ngoc

The change and drastically cut will cause tens of thousands of soldiers to demobilize and can cause strong protests
Learning model of the US Army, China will restructure into 25-30 corps 18 divisions to increase power and flexible combat capability. That means that China will reorganize more than half of the total 1.55 million army troops. Currently, every army has soldiers from 30,000-100,000.
Rough cuts
The above information from sources close to the Chinese Army (PLA), told the newspaper South China Morning Post (SCMP - Hong Kong) recently.
A retired colonel in Beijing said that so far, the army in China operate under the old Soviet model. However, this model too cumbersome and no longer suitable for modern warfare. "With the rapid deployment capabilities as well as suppliers of equipment and logistics, model Air Force Division 101 (US) is a good example that the Chinese army should learn" - the colonel said. China's defense white paper last year also emphasized the importance of the construction of small units, multi-function to be able to perform many common tasks in the campaign.
Strategy for China's military reform has been implemented this year respectively. Specifically, Chinese President Xi Jinping - who is also chairman of the Central Military Commission - for dissolution 4 command, then established 15 new agencies under the control of the Central Military Commission. In addition, seven military regions were reorganized into five strategic areas (including central, North, South, East and West). Even in 2017, China will cut about 300,000 soldiers.
The changes and aggressive cuts it will make tens of thousands of soldiers to demobilize and can cause a wave of strong opposition, especially from powerful ground forces. According to some Chinese website, the reform process will encounter many obstacles. First, internal PLA will compete for bigger slice of the budget, thus limiting their ability to cooperate. Second, despite the reforms, the PLA remains a large military force in the world, led to the coordination of activities is not easy. Finally, the non-combatants in the past 35 years that the organizational, systems and theory of PLA have not been "tested by fire
In the reform process, according to SCMP, apparently Xi is strengthening the leadership of the PLA by appointing trusted generals to high positions. In parallel with the reform, the Chinese army was the target of a campaign against corruption. Observers said a series of suicides occur since the campaign against corruption in the army of President Xi Jinping to enter the second stage. "Suicide is the best way for those accused of corruption or even suspected of protecting new family, friends and colleagues" - an unnamed official said.
Particularly in August it had 3 suicides in the PLA. The first one - a political leadership offices of the Ministry of battlefield commanders southern China - diving on the Yangtze River. Monday officials - the head of the Centre for Business Management naval logistics - jumping from one naval complex. The third character brigadier Tran Kiet, political commissar of a large unit of the Ministry of southern battlefield commander of the PLA. He has to take sleeping pills to commit suicide in a dormitory Regiment 5-8 Shenzhen yesterday. However, sources did not believe Chen stick to corruption by the plan, he was promoted on June 6-8.
Number generals horse down because of corruption recently equally significant. After the two top names like former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission Xu Caihou and Guo Boxiong arrested for corruption, nobody seemed startled by the news General Wang Kien Binh, Deputy Chief of staff Tham Joint staff of the Central Military Commission, was arrested that day 26-8 SCMP published.
If confirmed, Mr. Wang - who has a close relationship with him Caihou and former Public Security Minister Zhou Yongkang - will be the first incumbent generals catching him since the anti-corruption campaign launched in 2013. in the last month, Minister Tu Tu Dien, former political commissar of the Chinese Air force and is also member of the Central Committee Communist Party of China, was arrested for alleged corruption. Earlier, it was reported the former Chairman of the General Political Department Li Ke Nai and former Chairman of the General Department of Logistics Lieu Meters Long was arrested at a meeting of senior officers retired in July.
Birthday party banned
In an effort to curb abuse of public funds and gifts in exchange for favors, some localities in China have banned the officials and the people organizing birthday parties, causing mixed reactions. The China Daily reported that a 26-8 Monday in Sichuan province people fined 650 yuan (nearly 2.2 million) for celebrating life for 87-year-old mother. 1-2016 month, a former official of Sichuan fined by the organization's 60th birthday just a few days after he retired. Banquet with 121 guests and cost about $ 900.
Also in Sichuan, the city government issued a regulation officials and civilians only party that fall into three cases: weddings, funerals and birthday parties for people over 70 years old. It is noteworthy that only allowed a birthday party held 10 years / times. China Daily said that the ban held a birthday party of some local government is going too far and there is no legal basis. "If not affect the public interest and the rights of others, everyone can spend as you like for a birthday party and a funeral" - the newspaper said.
According to Xinhua, at least 740,000 officials have been disciplined or punished since President Xi Jinping launched a campaign to stamp out corruption. However, this figure is still less than 1% of party members of the Chinese Communist Party. Also, in the past 3 years, more than 11,000 officials were disciplined for organizing luxury receptions.

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