Chinese home buyers flocking to Australia

27-08-2016 - 22:59 - 619 lượt xem

Quoc Ngoc

Chinese people are gradually dominate the housing market here, to the extent rarely found a nationality other auction participants to buy houses.
Last week, 6 out of 7 auction house in Sydney's northern suburbs ended with the victory of the Chinese people, including a Chinese version and everyone involved. Though Chinese investment in Australian real estate increased by 4 times, from $ 5.9 billion in 2013 to 24.3 billion last year, the original Central Australia who also made a significant contribution in the housing market here explosion.
Andrew Shen (26 years, sales of kitchen appliances) is one of dozens of people buying auction house 4 bedrooms in Epping (Victoria, Australia). Based later sold for $ 1.8 million.
Shen (blue hat) participate in the auction to buy houses in Epping. Photo: DMA
Shen came from Jiaxing, China, emigrated to Australia in 2010. He is wanted his family moved from the current cramped apartment. Shen said went looking for the more than 2 months and are satisfied based in West Epping Park, but ended up being a Chinese outbid other.
Shen originally came here for college. Then his sister had settled in Australia for several years. Shortly after, his parents also moved to live with her children.
There he married and had a 5-year-old daughter. His parents and sister then had his home in Sydney.
Like many other young people, the first apartment he bought thanks to the help of parents. But Shen will have to "self-reliant" if you want a more spacious house. "I have worked very hard in the hope of proving his wife and children can move to a more spacious place," he said.
Patrick (left) and Sue (right) have won more than a dozen auctions. Photo: DMA
Many suburbs of North Ryde (New South Wales, Australia) has changed to the extent of European descent have been here only serves as the home seller. Patrick and Sue spent $ 1.5 million to own 3 bedroom house that Ken Flannery jazz singer ever stayed. Two dozen people participated in the auction and use all your skills to win there.
"The problem is you have to be really ready and well prepared, but do not forget to believe in your hunch," Patrick said.
Like many other Chinese home buyers, join Patrick only when the auction was close to an end. "You just know if I will really have to fight someone as close to the finish line. Starting early will only cost you in vain," he said.

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