Peruvian President "poured cold water" in Chinese

14-09-2016 - 17:19 - 664 lượt xem

Quoc Ngoc

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Peruvian President said the proposed transcontinental railway reduced freight costs from Brazil to Asia's China too costly and harmful to the environment.
In 2015, during the tenure of his predecessor President Ollanta Humala, China and Peru have agreed to study the feasibility of the 5,300 km long railway line linking Brazil's Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast of Peru.
However, the environmentalists said the project goes through the Amazon and the Andes Mountains can destroy tropical forests and hidden risk to indigenous tribes.
In an interview with local television station RPP in Beijing, Mr. Kuczynski - New inauguration 7-2016 month - expressed concern about the railway project in China during an official visit to this country. "I told them that this Amazon jungle route has a very high cost, can affect the environment and the need to consider carefully," - he said Kuczynski.
According to Mr. Kuczynski, a Chinese railway company - unnamed - has expressed interest in building a commuter train on the central coast of Peru. The idea was initiated by the president in order to promote economic growth through infrastructure development.
Kuczynski President to visit China, a leading trade partner, over the weekend during a visit to 5 days to look to invest in refineries, ports, railways and expanding market opportunities in food .
In addition, Mr. Kuczynski said China Aluminum Co., Ltd. is interested in building a smelting plant and a steel plate plant in Peru.
President Kuczynski hope Peru can enhance the value of mineral exports by boosting the ability refining and smelting.
Peru currently ranks 3rd in the biggest copper producer in the world and 6th in gold production.

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