the offensive biggest ramparts IS in Iraq

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Iraqi and coalition troops against the Islamic State are aggressively planning to blockade and attack retook the city of Mosul from rebel hands.
The plans for the coming war of the Iraqi army, with support from the coalition against the Islamic State (IS), the US-led, in order to recapture Mosul, the strongest bastion IS occupation in Iraq, is gradually be revealed, according to the BBC.
British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said the military collaboration agreement completed today 23/9. He revealed "besieged Mosul campaign will begin in a few weeks" with the goal of liberating Iraq's second largest city "in the coming months."
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has even announced a specific launch time Mosul attacks on September 19/10.
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According to scholar Michael Knights of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, what can confirm at this time that the campaign to liberate Mosul will include several stages.
First, the logistics base for the campaign must be set at the airbase Qayyarah, a 60 kilometers south of Mosul, where the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) recaptured earlier this month 7. Since then, the authorities have upgraded the base to be able to receive the cargo plane. From here, ammunition, fuel and food will be directly transferred to the frontline by air instead of by trucks transporting ammunition depots in Iraq near Baghdad, well away from Mosul.
Approximately 560 US military advisers to Qayyarah airbase to guide and support plans to attack Mosul. The long-range artillery systems United States and France have also been arranged, including the picture cannon fire rocket launchers mobile and capable of firing directly into Mosul within 20 seconds with high accuracy.
Pursuant Qayyarah also serves as a point of convergence of forces engaged Iraqi forces liberate Mosul. They mostly Iraqi troops retreated from around the country to join the combat units multi-ethnic, sectarian.
There are about 11 special brigade ready to attack, army brigade of about 2,000 people each. 5 other units from the police force and paramilitary tribes, with nearly 6,000 troops, mostly Sunni Arabs from Mosul area expansion, is also in the combat readiness posture.
Armed forces Kurdish Peshmerga, a unit of paramilitary police Christians and Kakai Kurds backed by besieging Mosul in the northeast and will tighten the siege from this direction.
Another plan was mapped out, allowing the volunteer security forces against Shiite Muslims from southern Iraq to support indirectly recapture the city battles without alarming Sunni Muslim majority at Mosul.
Hashd al-Shaabi forces (Motivate People) by Shiite Muslims to be mobilized to protect rural areas and deserted residential streets south of the air base along the western Qayyarah Mosul, but they will not participate in the war in urban areas.
The next phase of the campaign is a multi-stage attack on the outskirts of Mosul. Nose main attack will be held towards the highway Baghdad - Mosul on the west bank of the Tigris, and will stop when the forces approached the southern outskirts of Mosul.
One other team attacker can poke into the desert region in western Mosul, along the pipeline route and to blockade the city, what IS prevent reinforcements or hiding into Syria.
Final squad can attack in Mosul from the east bank of the Tigris, scupper eastern city.
Michael Knights scholars identify this phase will take place intermittently with erratic effective: easy and advanced one day, one day encountered fierce resistance in a powerful closing certain defenses or to stop the advance of IS the pending resupply.
Meanwhile, Iraqi Security Forces and the Forces Encourage People will spill into the desert in Mosul with large fleets under the support of allied fighters, to destroy the liver IS lỳ gunmen.
November 12/2016 will be the time and the main battle started. Firstly, an operating command center operations will be set up in a location close to Mosul, which can easily arrange the defense, to help the Iraqi Security Forces and coalition against IS has a focal point safe vault.
Protection of life for people in the region is also a complex issue. 700,000 people still cling likely in Mosul. When master liberators outskirts of Mosul, people will start to spill out in large numbers because there IS no longer able to stop them. IS fighters can easily blend in the crowd to destabilize the population. This is why the coalition against Mosul IS not want to reach before they are willing to take over the entire city.
During the past several months, coalition against IS always careful observation strategies as well as the defenses of IS, IS careful study how to move, according to the BBC
Michael Knights said that the air strikes would take place in areas where heavy anti-IS coalition wants the breach of IS. The leader will be the target IS wanted man more.
However, IS probably will not be able to fight fiercely in all areas of the city of Mosul by too large.
Instead, around 2000-3000 IS militants would likely select a few key areas to entrenched. Administrative center west of Mosul is an iconic venue. Liberation campaign can only declare victory when fully control the region.
When the drive IS defenses in the city collapsed, eventually stabilizing phase of the campaign will be implemented. Stabilization forces should seek to distinguish the IS gunmen fled with homeless people. Law and order in Mosul also need to quickly reset.

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