The Philippines is not easy to clip the American weapons

08-10-2016 - 21:21 - 735 lượt xem

Quoc Ngoc

The Philippines relies heavily on US weapons and will face many difficulties if implemented priority threats systems bought from Russia and China.
Rodrigo Duterte Philippine president said Wednesday 4/10 US does not want to sell missiles and other weapons to the Philippines, while Russia and China offered him that they can offer them comfort. He threatened to move to buy weapons from Russia and China.
The US is the largest arms supplier to the Philippines, according to the Institute for International Peace Studies, Stockholm (SIPRI), the organization supervising military spending worldwide. The two countries increasingly close military cooperation in the past two years, organizing many training exercises and more. Many ships and US military aircraft to the Philippines than in the context of US President Obama to transfer military forces and diplomatic efforts to Asia, to counterbalance the rise of China.
The Philippines is a country receiving military aid from America's largest Asia Pacific program Foreign Military Financing (FMF) provided by the US to assist countries to buy weapons and equipment Noodle. The Philippines has received $ 50 million from the program in FY 2015 FMF.
Since dependence on US weapons to the Philippine military will have to adjust the structure of command and control if you want to switch to the use of weapons from Russia and China, Professor Richard Javad Heydarian in De La Salle University , Manila and a former adviser to the House of the Philippines, said.
"There will be some problems with the new configuration. It took many years to re-orient the Philippine military in line with new technologies."
Philippines has spent 3.9 billion dollars for the army in 2015, according to SIPRI. Philippine military spending increases nearly every year since 2010 - when the defense budget at $ 2.4 billion.
Hard to replace
Although Russia can offer the weapon system of high quality, the Philippines will have to balance considerations of their compatibility with American weapons systems in the warehouses of the Philippines today, Lyle Goldstein, an expert on the matter maritime topic at the University of the US Naval War, said.
"You can not simply buy a radar system from the country and from other countries missiles. We have to operate together," Goldstein said.
He stressed that many Filipino military officers trained in the US and this has made the military culture between the two countries are closely linked.
Military relations between the US and the Philippines is not only the contract of sale of weapons but also expand the overall training and maintenance support weapons.
Russia and China do not have the same prestige US assistance in providing comprehensive training, Amy Searight, former US State Department official in charge of South Asia and Southeast Asia, said.
"Americans have a reputation in the comprehensive support for capacity building. It is not only the weapons, vehicles and equipment, but also how to use them to build real capacity," Searight, currently working Centre for international Studies and strategies (CSIS) in Washington, noted.
Professor Heydarian highly likely that his goal is to shoot Duterte signal to China that he was willing to intervene in the relationship of US military cooperation - Philippines, whether just a small impact. This could mean transforming annual exercises Balikatan (shoulder to shoulder) US - remote locations Philippines to the South China Sea or refuse to add to the US military access to Philippine military bases.
Other experts stressed the fact that the Chinese and Russian weapons are usually cheaper than the US system. Mr. Duterte has proved to be tough to buy US military equipment at bargain prices, they are evaluated.

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