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The Rrligion in Viet Nam

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Religion is a form of social consciousness, born and grown from a few thousand years ago and will survive long with the progressive development of human beings.
 In Vietnam there are many Religion, Following are some Religious believers have a large number.
Buddhism was born in India in the mid-first millennium AD I. Prior. World Buddhist concepts are countless of France, ie objects and intangible hĩu, there is life and not the life, good and evil; things are moving, as a rule change: birth, growth, degeneration, and destruction. During birth there is death, of killing with birth, death is not the end but the origination for a new birth.
  Buddhism human notions not by divine creation which is a special French French universal world; humans also change the rule Biology Laos -from disease, death immortal soul will be reincarnated into a receiver's lifetime Fruit theory, Karma and Reincarnation. Humans in this life must be retribution of their deeds in a previous life, is the fruit of past life and the afterlife is Human.
 A very basic content of the Buddhist teachings that people are suffering, suffering is endless; the cause of suffering is due 10 things: greed, anger, ignorance, pride, doubt, itself is, is marginal, TA, is prime, prime precepts. Of these three most basic reason is greed, anger and ignorance makes people suffer. To extricate must destroy the base, ie -Si Removal Take-Airport.
Right from forming new period, Buddhism was divided into two sects: Gender Venerable Elder and Mahasanghika.
Venerable sect advocated conservative Presbyterians Business-Law-Luan, when nascent, Mahasanghika also advocated improvements will conform to the times, due to widespread development of this sect called Mahayana (deck large car), also sent the Venerable called Theravada elders.
Mahayana majority of Asoka in northern countries should be called Mahayana Buddhism, because scriptures used organs should Sancrit Sancrit called Buddhism; Theravada was mainly transmitted to southern countries should be called Theravada Buddhism, for use Pali scriptures so called Buddhist Pali.
Buddhism was transmitted to Vietnam from the early years AD from India to the sea. Fifth century, Buddhism was transmitted to many parts of the country, appeared the famous monk as Hue Vietnam Thang, Dao Thien, Cao, France Ming ... From the tenth century our country entered the independence, opens up favorable conditions for the development of Buddhism.
 In 971, Dinh Tien Hoang has summoned the monks to specify titles. Thich Ngo Chan Luu (933-1011) was a descendant of Ngo Quyen was ordained Patriarch, head of the Buddhist country.
Under the Tran dynasty, Buddhism flourished, becoming the official religion of the country. King Tran Thai Tong Dynasty first time Tran has won many Buddhist Studies, became a Buddhist school with profound knowledge, he has written six books on Buddhism. Especially King Tran Nhan Tong, after 15 years of reign, twice organized resistance against invading Originally, the King had to abdicate on the Yen Tu mountain for ordained clergy, became father of Zen Master Truc Lam.
Among the Vietnamese Buddhist community Theravada Buddhism of Khmer people in southern regions. Although Theravada Buddhism enters Khmer community pretty soon, but not until the seventeenth century VIII Theravada Buddhism and Khmer New invade southern lands. Theravada Buddhism became the cultural characteristics, lifestyle of the Khmer people. Temple where living is not just beliefs, but also the cultural center, education center and community activities.
After the victory in the spring of 1975, the national Buddhist sects have organized conferences in May 11/1981 delegates to establishment of the Vietnam Buddhist Church.
Buddhist Currently there are over 10 million Buddhists, nearly 47 thousand monks and nuns, 15 thousand temple, Buddhist Academy 4, with 5 offices Press.
II Catholicism.
Christianity was born in the fifth century BC. Roman Empire, from being a slave hĩu occupying country has conducted aggressive wars occupy the entire Mediterranean region, a region of Asia and North Africa. The revolt of the masses laboring failed. Persecuted and brutally exploited, working masses helpless and desperate, they could only rely on a supernatural force, a messiah to overthrow the Roman Empire, to build a life freedom, happiness. That is the basis for the introduction of the Christian Religion.
To the XI century, a department in the eastern Christian Roman Orthodox split up. To the sixteenth century, reappears religious reform movement, formed a new religion is Protestant. Together with the Protestant reform movement, the Church in England separated from the Roman Curia Can Ti Va Anglicans formed. Thus Christianity has 4 main lines are: Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Anglican.
Catholicism's teachings contained in two sets of OT and NT. Ministry OT 46 books talk about the creation of the universe and man of God, written in the laws, customs, habits and traditions of the Jewish culture. The Ministry of the New Testament has 27 books about the life, career, the teachings of Jesus and the disciples.
The most fundamental dogma of the Catholic Religion is faith in God and the mystery of God. Hĩu God is constant, ever had before, with ever after, before both space and time. God who created all things.
Christian made his Adam and Mrs E Va to produce human beings, beginning God for mankind to live happily, but by Satan that dictated Mrs E and ate the forbidden fruit, God was angry himself brought the original sin of men, to hard labor, and to sickness, disease and death. To save mankind Christian sects have inflicted God's children by her Ma ria pregnancy to birth to Jesus for.
33 years Jesus was executed King Herod De Ro on the cross, Jesus died after he returned to heaven. Christian sect the Gods back down to earth to gather his disciples to continue proselytizing.
10 commandments of the Lord:
  1-must worship God above all things.
 2-Do not take the name of God to do the mundane, trivial.
 3-Winning Sunday to worship God
 4-Honor your parents
 5-There was murder.
 6-Do not lewd.
 7-not grab other people's time to participate.
 8-Do not give false testimony, concealed fraud.
 9-No desire spouses others.
 10-Do not covet the wealth heresy.
Based on admiration of the Vietnamese history through assessment outline section, the researchers History of Religion in Vietnam were taken as markers Act 1533 passed in the Vietnamese Catholic; XVI-XVII centuries mainly missionaries Portugal, Spain, to the eighteenth century and early nineteenth, the mostly French missionaries.
The Nguyen Dynasty, especially Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Tu Duc has several edicts banning Catholic Religion.
When the French colonialists invaded Vietnam, Nguyen Dynasty to surrender and compromise with the French liberal Catholicism developed.
After the Geneva agreements ticks 1954, the enemy had provoked North parishioners immigrated to South under God, this period has nearly 1 million people, hundreds of priests have migrated to the South.
After reunification day, the Congress plenary bishops Vietnam from 24/4 to 01/5/1980 in Hanoi Day has established Vietnam Bishops 'Conference, the term of the Bishops' Conference of 3 years .
  Currently Vietnam Catholic Church has more than 6 million Catholics, more than 4,000 priests, 44 bishops, 16,000 priests men and women, more than 5,500 churches.
III- Protestantism.
At about Century XVI took place a 2nd schizophrenia in Religion Christianity, leading to the birth of Protestantism. That is the great religious reform, due to the severe crisis of the Christian Religion. When this ambitious Religious earthly power, moral decline leading to the ranks of the clergy; the emergence of the bourgeoisie and the cultural renaissance movement sparked religious reforms.
 Religious reform movement first erupted in Germany, vehemently criticized the German title Princess advantage to exploit people, criticizing secular power of the Pope. Then spread to Switzerland and other European countries. After 30 years of fierce struggle to mid-seventeenth century newly formed Protestant, separated from Catholicism.
Fundamental tenets of Protestantism still based on the Bible, but many creeds be amended, omitted to make a difference with the Catholic Religion:
  _ Protestantism to Mary only virgin until Jesus was born, then not a virgin anymore, so Protestantism, not only religious respect Maria sung as Catholicism.
Protestants believe _Dao Angels, the Apostles, the martyrs, but only respected, but not religious emulate supplement, not worshiped as Catholicism. Protestantism is not sung and performed religious pilgrimage to the Holy Land, including the walls of Jerusalem, Mount Xi Nai, to Saint Peter, Paul.
 _Dao Protestant worship of pictures, image '
 _ Protestantism also believe there are Heaven and Hell, but not too much importance to the use it as a tool of deterrence, punishment for people. Protestants do not believe in purgatory, where the souls of detention awaiting judgment.
 _ Protestantism salvation is conceived by reason of faith, not in the form of rituals, how to practice, so practice rites of Protestantism than Catholicism simple lot.
 _ In seven sacraments of Catholicism, Protestantism is only admitted the baptism, but not a confession in a closed room with a priest that Protestants confession directly to God, without intermediaries.
 _Nha Catholicism church was built bulky, expensive, gaudy decor, hang many pictures and statues, while Protestantism church built in modern style, but simple, no statues, but only photos with the cross, Jesus icon crucifix, where Protestantism was more capacity meeting room, auditorium, temporary houses as places of worship adherents.
 _ Catholicism build a unified church system, power focus on the Pope, Protestantism has no unified church organization which, assigned autonomy for nations, sects.
 _ Catholicism maintaining single mode, theocratic hierarchy, and allow Protestants married, but not theocratic, with the participation of women in the clergy.
Thus the reform of Protestantism on doctrine, rules, ways of worship, as well as the organizational system very simple and lightweight, highly democratic, free.
Protestantism in Vietnam later than other religions from outside intrusion into, around the end of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, by the passed CMA missionaries.
After 1954, the country is roughly divided 2 South, Vietnam Protestant organizations also 2. In the North in 1958 established the General Assembly of Vietnam Protestant Church (northern region); in South Vietnam General Confederation established the Protestant Church of Vietnam (South Vietnam)
CMA missionary evangelist attaches to the area of ​​ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands, there are now over 500,000 people, registered in 1284 in the Central Highlands group points Protestants.
 Since 1980, Protestantism began transmission in northern mountainous provinces, mainly through FEBC radio, tapes, Latin language Bible from the outside. There are around 149 653 people living at 1,145 points the group, in 1558 Hamlet, of 501 communes, 95 districts in 14 northern mountainous province Protestants.
IV- Cao Dai.
In early twentieth century, the land was fertile southern French colonialism deprived of land, expanding plantations, exploiting the extreme people; the uprising of farmers have failed; while contemporary religions are weakened, diminished public confidence, the confidence crisis has posed a new religion needs to meet the spiritual life of the people. That favorable conditions for the introduction of Cao Dai.
Cao Dai Catechism no dogmas system based on Philosophy, Theology and Religion as others. Missionaries to Cao Dai Cao Dai is a collection of the essence of the other religion is Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.
Mandate of Cao Dai is: From Cong Binh bi- Charity. They worship many Saints, Spirit, both Christian, Shakyamuni, Laozi, Confucius, Guan Yin, Thai Bach, Jesus ...
 Missionaries Religion Caodaism their call is: Cao Dai Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho degrees. They explain, Dai Dai religion is so high that many synthetic essence of religions, Tam Ky spectrum ie twice before God descended to save sentient beings, but have to have too much religion makes religious conflicts arise, so this 3rd general god was the essence of the religion is to establish Caodaism.
Rules, basic ritual of Cao Dai is 5 prohibitions:
1. Prohibition of slaughtering
2. Do not be stealing, greed, deception, bad people
3. Do not drink, eat excessive drunkenness that lead to evil deeds.
4. not obtain Spouses of others, not incite others whore ethical violations.
5. Do not lie, saying vulgar, says renege.
There are 4 things to cultivate virtue (Four rules):
 _ Must adhere to the teachings of the superior, inferior compromise, taking people should have peace, miss mistakes must repent, repair.
 _Cho Was showing off, arrogance, helping to direct, private collector, cover not humble.
 Silver _Tien quibble, do not pay the loan.
 _ In front, behind were of one rank, nor windshield, contempt after, do not see that emulate fellow sat wordless look mediation, Do not trust that yiem right talent.
Bottom line is Moderates, Supply glasses, Well, compromise.
Cao Dai has about 2.3 million followers, 7.380 dignitaries and 1,208 shrines and worship places in 34 provinces and cities nationwide.
V-religious sect.
Before colonization policy Second French colonists. Southern farmers are heavily exploited, some of which religion Buddhism influenced by many social impacts leading to downfall, many ritual procedures away from the law, demand improved buddha like the teachers appear to be a demand renovated former Catholic Religion.
He established the theory Huyen Doan Minh Buu Son Ky Four key flavor with grace: the deities, Country, Parents and Teacher. That is the basis for the introduction of Hoa Hao Buddhism.
Huynh Phu So, the Hoa Hao village, Tan Chau district, Chau Doc Province, now the Phu Tan district, An Giang province. Due to poor health is not treated, the family took him up seven mountain areas of cultivation. He won a lot of time researching the status of thunder, Buu Son Ky Thought incense, Buddhist incarnation and medicinal healing school. When lecturing He tied patriotic tradition of his father, especially the national hero. 18.5.1939 Date when just 20 years old, Mr. Huynh Phu was home ceremony, announced the birth of a new discipline of Dao Hoa Hao Buddhism.
After Southern Uprising failed, many people have followed the Hoa Hao religion, prestige make an increasingly Funeral Director.
After the August Revolution, Mr. Huynh Phu been invited to join the revolutionary committees southern resistance; 1946 he founded the commune Democratic Party and the armed forces establishment of Hoa Hao Buddhism called Patriotic Revolutionary insurgent army squadron Nguyen Trung Truc, in 1972 developed into the General Security team Hoa Hao Buddhism.
Basic tenets of the religious sect is based on the book: Thunder's entire poetry instructor Huynh Phu. Part Thunder doctrinal preaching about luck, advised people to practice, criticized the superstitious activities, the vices of society, lectured on Buddhist philosophy, ritual ceremonies of worship . Part poetry is poetry teachings brought his doctrinal content Huynh Phu.
Hoa Hao followers mainly religious rituals at home so simple, Buddhist Church, ancestors, the national hero. not used votive, for it is fake.
After reunification day, Hoa Hao Buddhism increasingly put into place, 26/5/1999 congress delegates first Buddhist to be held in An Giang. Congress II in 2004 adopted the Charter of Hoa Hao Buddhism.
 Hoa Hao Buddhist currently has about 1.3 million followers in 18 provinces and cities, most of which concentrated in 5 provinces: An Giang, Dong Thap, Vinh Long, Can Tho, Hau Giang.
VI Islam.
Islam known as Islam, Islam was born in the Arabian Peninsula in the seventh century. The founder of the cardinals Mohammedans, with the combined military operation of politics, diplomacy, including diplomatic marriage, Mohammedans have captured vast lands, even if he has died in 632, the Muslims still use the power and religion in order to expand the territory. Just over a century Muslims have indeed mastered over a large area from the east, such as Si Ri, Persia, Egypt, northwest India, to the western regions such as North Africa, Spain, in all of Europe.
 From Century XII to XVIII century, Islam encountered two major powers: In the west the Crusades lasted two centuries of Catholicism, the east is the mighty Mongol invaders and combative, but Thus Islam has existed and developed into the Southeast Asian countries, only until Na Po Le He occupied Egypt, the new termination Crusades lasted 10 century of Islam.
In the 1980s, before the Soviet Union's influence in Muslim countries, the US has 30,000 troops recruited elite in Muslim countries to train an army made up of anti-Soviet. But after the Soviet Union collapsed, the US turned to anti-Muslim, should the Muslim army trained by the United States to turn against America.
Currently the issue becomes problematic Islamic Religious-Political World's sizzling. Although often associated Islamic terrorism, but not so that dealing with the issue of war violence. Because Islam is the spiritual lives of the 1.3 billion people around the world, has become an Islamic civilization of mankind vast, impossible to equate Islam with terrorism.
 Islamic teachings are presented in economic She Ran, is divided into 30 parts, 114 chapters and sentences in Arabic 6211. Kinh She Ran is the teachings of St. A la, the cardinals Mohammedans, are the rules, rituals, ways of worship, sutras She Ran also contains history, culture, customs and traditions of Arabs.
Islam has prescribed the Act most basic 5: Expressing faith; pray every day; Ramaddam fasting month (September); Charity; Pilgrimage.
Islam enters Vietnam early eleventh century, and mainly on the Cham people. Due to historical circumstances and conditions to communicate with the outside which was formed two blocks Muslim Cham people in Vietnam: Block Cham in Ninh Tuan Islam, Binh Thuan is Islam Ms. Ni, Cham Ba Ni ; Block givers in Europe Doc, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh is Muslim Islam.
Between Islam and Islamic Ba ni Islam has many different points. Muslim Ms. Ni in Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan province under a lot of influence of customary, traditional beliefs of Brahmanism and matriarchy, neengiaos Islamic justice is misleading many, unorthodox. Cham Ba Ni achieve horizontal Mohammedan hang with the Goddess, Ca MEC is considered the Goddess of Heaven; 5 the basic Act are made only symbolic, is not obliged to perform pilgrimage. Ms. Ni HHooif teachers who aloof, detached from the Muslim World; do not know Arabic.
 Currently in Vietnam there are about 75,000 Muslims (Islam: 27.000; Ms. Ni: 48,000); 695 dignitaries (Islam: 288, Ms. Ni: 407); Cathedral: 79 (Islam: 62, Ms ni: 17).
1. Religion Brahmanism. Brahmanism was born in India around century X BC, until about the fifth century reformed and called Hinduism aka Swing Directed Hin.
 In Vietnam Brahmanism penetrate only in caregivers, and mainly in the upper class, around the seventh century, and is localized, later as Director Brahmins in India to Indian reform Hindu (Hin Swing), but Dao Brahmins in Vietnam not affected by the reforms, keeping its original director, so the Cham people in Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan Cham called themselves very (original Cham)
Current understanding of the teachings Brahmanism very limited, has been mixed with the Cham culture, only Brahmin Cham Shi Va worship, the Spirit of destruction and creativity, the rituals, how to act direct the customs associated Chams. Paying special attention to human rituals to achieve four objectives: duty, Prosperity, Love, liberation. Directed Brahmin priests are under hereditary; Dignitaries dressed in white, holding a mystical staff, was married, but must comply with strict procedures: not carnivorous animals related beliefs, such as beef, eel, frog, rabbit, roe deer. do not eat the animals die prematurely, wounded; Papaya fruit is not, banana, fig, Winter Melon, spinach ... not drinking the fermented substance.
 Currently carers under the Brahmin has about 54,000 people in Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan.
2. Baha'i.
 Baha'i born around the XIX century in the I Ran. Doctrine, canon law is the sum of many religions, Worship God, uphold kindness, hatred and enmity, uphold social ethics and the principle of equality. The International Center is located in Israel.
 Baha'i passed in Saigon from 1954, developed after 1975 the northern provinces; 2008 Government ban religious organizations that recognized QD spirit Baha'i Council of Vietnam, currently has about 7,000 followers in 45 provinces and cities.
3-Pure Vietnam lay Buddhist association.
 Men born in the first half of the twentieth century Buddhist revival movement. Is the founder director Nguyen Van Bong, in Dong Thap. As a Buddhist enlightenment, patriotism, like people, he did convey the Buddhist teachings into poetry, concise, easy to understand, easy to remember.
 Basic motto is to practice their religion but religious Phuoc Hue. Tu blessed are doing good especially development aid to Eastern medicine and treatment free of charge to the poor. Tu Hui is studying to improve law-the so luan- intellectual reach liberation. In order to build a society Sincerely, solidarity and mutual assistance.
  Places of worship as well as clubs and health establishments. 21/11/2007 ban religious government made Decision No. 207 / QD-TGCP Accreditation for Pure Religion Buddhist lay association based in Vietnam 45 Ly Chieu Hoang Street, District VI, Member Ho Chi Minh city. There are 350,000 members, 207 clubs, 4,800 dignitaries, in 23 provinces from Khanh Hoa to Ca Mau.
 4-Director Buu Son Ky flavor.
  Directed by Mr. Doan Minh Huyen founding in 1849 in Dong Thap. He Buddhist theory, but spread ideas in the world, combining medical research, just clearing the land, established villages, building up the Temple recruit followers quite quickly.
 He built Temple in Sam Mountain, Chau Doc, abbot here, people honor him as Xi'an Buddhist Monk, his sect called Buu Son Ky flavor. Basic theory of Buu Son Ky flavor is: Learning receiver's Tu Tu An Phat. Quartet's what grace is 4: An sun Buddha, Emperor considerate, Grace's parents, Grace master.
 In Taoist Temple incense Buu Son Ky no pictures or statues that only a red cloth called Tran thing, this is shown compassion, charity, love of neighbor.
 2005 Director Buu Son Ky Religion incense was given license to operate government. Currently there are more than 15,000 followers, 18 temple in 7 provinces of An Giang, Dong Thap, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Long An, Soc Trang, Vinh Long, Tien Giang.
5. Tu An Hieu Nghia 
 Tu An Hieu Nghia religion was born in 1867 in An Giang, by Mr. Ngo Loi founder. He is a Graduate of the movement to elaborate king, when he evaded the enemy wanted to An Giang and receptive minds Director Buu Son Ky incense, became a disciple of the Western Buddhist Monk An intelligent Huyen Doan.
 Based on the teachings of Buu Son Ky Huong, his corn Benefits Act has passed both up healing and reclamation in the Seven Mountains hamlet of An Giang.
The doctrines of the Tu An Hieu Nghia Buu just paint any flavor, but thunder faculty systematically written in Alexandrine verse TV guru teachings.

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