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15-08-2016 - 06:54 - 803 lượt xem

Pa Ve Su

15-8 Day is a time limit must be reported to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Prime Minister's Committee of Thanh Hoa province appointed 2 Deputy Director (Deputy Director), Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), bringing the total number of Deputy Director of this facility up to ... 8 people - highest record of this title at a local facility.
Earlier, on June 10 and 16-6, Nguyen Dinh Worthy, Chairman of Thanh Hoa province, signed a decision to appoint Mr. Nguyen Trong Hai, Director of Branch Dykes and Flood Prevention and Mrs. Hoang Thi Yen , Director rural Development Department - served as Deputy Director of the Department of agriculture and rural Development, while this facility are 6 position and then taking up the Vice Director. According to Decree 24 / CP, specified amount not exceeding 3 PGĐ basis, Hanoi and HCMC own no more than 4 people, then what is happening in Thanh Hoa is incredible results.
Why Thanh Hoa aware of the relevant provisions and still take the chance torn fence, violated? According to First Thanh Tung, Director of the Department of the Interior Thanh Hoa, Thanh Hoa Department of Agriculture and Rural Development was established in 1996 has 9 Deputy Director. In 2008, the facility has 11 Deputy Director and from 2013 to only 8 Deputy Director. According to Mr. Tung, the Deputy Director of DARD 8 Thanh Hoa, Pham Duc Luan there by MARD sent to reach base, accumulate practical experience. The other Deputy Director is Mr. Le The Long non-executive deputy director of work with facility officials that only Head of the department in charge of FPD. "Thus, the current reality, Thanh Hoa DARD only 6 Deputy Director" - Mr Tung said.
It's hard to accept his explanation on Top Thanh Tung. 8 evident that you served as Deputy Director said that the fact that only 6 Deputy Director saying sophistry. Was it when you need it "count" to reduce the number to avoid nuisance to manipulate public opinion, the way to say this. So the payroll, as needed signing official documents, when people go to meetings or to work with other modes of treatment, the base level PGĐ dare "forget" 2 this position? A number of other dignitaries of Thanh Hoa province to explain that due to the large land - large population - much work, if only 3 Deputy Director will be difficulties in managing and operating ... This is one way, "said obtained". Just look to the same job in other provinces are only numbers 3-4 PGĐ who is able to draw conclusions about the quality of work of the Deputy Director.
Yes, it's hard to believe. Certainly not on the basis of the country has led some officials so crowded. But not only Thanh Hoa, officials surplus that existed a long time in many localities and ministries; Some officials of heads and deputy, Chief function, excess Deputy thousands and thousands. The swell of the executive apparatus leading to overlapping responsibilities, pulling the wing friends, costly budget ...
In order not to waste tax money farming, clues and personnel must be streamlined, do more good for the people, but not pompous vehicles, office. Must stop the workplace having more "soldiers".

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