The tips of Thich Nhat Hanh

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Thich Nhat Hanh counseled how to live


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30 words of Thich Nhat Hanh help you live happier
Late last year, at age 88, health Thich Nhat Hanh suddenly goes down. Buddhists do believe this is very worrying. Currently, he has returned to Plum Village after a long convalescence in the hospital due to stroke.
Thich Nhat Hanh spent time both his life to Buddhism, with the desire to bring happiness to people. Let's read the teacher to make you happier:
1. Understand the pain of others is the greatest gift you can give to them. Understanding is another name for love. If you can not understand, you can not love.
2. Just as a gardener knows how to use fertilizer to produce beautiful flowers, a practice that take advantage of suffering to create happiness.

30 cau noi cua thien su Thich Nhat Hanh giup ban song hanh phuc hon - Anh 1

3. Freedom to get through practice and habit. You have to train yourself how to walk as a free man, sitting as a free man and ate like a free man. We have to train ourselves on how to live.
4. Say "I love you" means "I can bring you peace and happiness." To do that, first, you yourself must have been what it was.
5. An angry person is due not solve their sorrows. They are the first victims of the grief that, while you are the second person. Understanding this, compassion will flourish in the heart and anger will vanish. Do not punish them, instead, say something, do something to alleviate the grief.
6. We were created from light. We are children of the light. We are children of the sun god.
7. Quiet is essential. We need silence as we need air, as the plants need light. If our mind is always full of words and thoughts, then get us into space for ourselves.
8. Each of us should ask yourself: What do I really want? Become a successful No. 1? Or simply a happy person? To be successful, you may have to sacrifice your happiness. You can become a victim of the success, but you'll never be a victim of happiness.
9. Live as if you were kissing the earth with his feet.
10. When a person makes you suffer, it is because deep inside, his grief is overflowing. He does not deserve to be punished. He needed help.
11. Sometimes the joy brought to smile. But sometimes, the smile brought joy.
12. Happiness is be myself. You do not need to be acknowledged by others. Just admit your own is okay.
13. Because you live so everything can come true.
14. Smile, breathe and walk slowly.
15. Every morning, I smiled. Twenty-four new languages ​​are in front of me. I vow to live out every moment and consider everything in sight compassion.
16. The seeds of suffering in you may very strong, but do not wait until all suffering gone before allowing yourself to be happy.
17. Some people believe that happiness is excitement. But it's too noisy, no peace. True happiness is based on peace.
18. My actions speak who I am.
19. The hope is very important. It helps to reduce the harsh present. If we hope that tomorrow will be better, we will endure the difficulties of today.
20. If you love someone but rarely spent time with them, it's not true love.
21. Love your love to make people feel free.
22. The present moment filled with joy and happiness. You just need to talk, you can see them.
23. I made a promise to myself that I would be happy to live every moment that life gives me.
24. All thoughts, words, actions you are carrying your own imprint.
25. People suffer because of prejudice. When things look more open, we will be free and no longer suffering any more.
26. If we have peace, we are happy, we can smile. And everyone in the family, in society can enjoy the pleasure from my own peace.
27. The source of love is deep within each of us. We can help other people happy. A word, an action, a thought may also alleviate sadness and increases happiness to others.
28. I have to. I'm at where it should stay. My destination is located on every step.
29. We need to learn to relax and unwind. It helps us to prevent disease and reduce stress prevention. It helps us to have our minds to focus on solving the problem.
30. Every breath, every step we can filled with peace, happiness and serenity.

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