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The truth about the safety of seafood in Ha Tinh and Quang Binh.

24-08-2016 - 22:09 - 846 lượt xem

Quoc Ngoc

As reported below, Department of food safety Ha Tinh took 9 days sample seafood in the United Kingdom and 5-8 in Cam Xuyen, Ha Tinh for testing. Test results are as follows:
- 01 fish samples sad state of cadmium content is 0,79mg / kg, exceeding the permitted limit of 0.05 mg / kg.
- 05 seafood samples were found to be cyanide, including: Fish anchor is 3,9mg / kg; stingrays, crabs three eyes is 0.8 mg / kg; the other two levels of fish samples 0,5-0,6mg / kg.
- 03 seafood samples were found to have high levels of phenol not: stingray is 14mg / kg, three-eyed crab is 10 mg / kg and fish man is 8,3mg / kg.
That is not to mention, a crab pattern also found in Quang Binh phenol concentration to 67mg / kg.
The strange thing is, yesterday and today, in the press, the Institute for Testing Food Hygiene and Safety National, under the Ministry of Health announced the 18 seafood samples tested in four central provinces, only 01 samples exceeded the permitted limits on heavy metal content.
The agency did not say anything to test seafood samples containing phenols and cyanide in seafood to the content above. While two of these are directly related to the case and is linked to Formosa nature are not allowed in food.
Not to mention, last July, with 7/27 seafood samples tested for the results of heavy metal contaminated. Equivalent rates of heavy metal pollution to 25.9%. But absolutely no one announced, though they say, only a high-residue samples were also dangerous. Until today, a month after the new people know something of the truth.
Does anyone answer me, why so?

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