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Hightlands Bauxite punches trying to eat away ?

31-07-2016 - 21:48 - 903 lượt xem

Pa Ve Su

Highlands Bauxite 'punches trying to eat away'?
Concerning Highlands Bauxite Project, economist Pham Chi Lan said that Vinacomin action and line Ministries is "trying to punch away food", where people's bluff and take the country.
Talking to reporters on the content of the report Highlands bauxite project monitoring the National Assembly Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, senior economic expert Pham Chi Lan said that the number of holes in a report to the surveillance mission Standing Committee of the National Assembly of the Industry and Trade Ministry recently, despite the still very high figures were just as beautiful, but according to her actual figure being even higher.
"I am very disappointed with the attitude of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Because all calculations from the outset that the project showed only holes only, can not be profitable. Two is that it requires expensive not know how much is the cost of your infrastructure to serve it.
Thirdly environmental consequences is also very heavy. Four more cultural foundation Highlands, the lives of people Highlands has been and will be reversed. Years as Chinese labor issues. How many such issues, but that people determined to do, work to do. "
Commenting on the Ministry of Industry and Trade concluded that "building the first two sections of red mud safety overkill", thereby reducing the cost of the proposed investment red mud lakes, Pham Chi Lan said that "Vinacomin and the Ministry of Home management is-mouth, pushing the risk of economic losses of the business into the safety risks of life for the people suffer, that's unacceptable action by the management of employees. "
Economic expert Pham Chi Lan
"Even before this incident yet, but no one can say for sure is that it's never going to happen, that would happen, it would also not see said plans for dealing with like. If the National Assembly Conveniently, it's like a hand, creating a precedent for destroying the environment now. "
"Promoting resource to sell but also the contact holes do? Determined to do to together like that is incomprehensible if standing on the normal logic. "- Pham Chi Lan frankly.
Term thinking
Many economists, experts agree that mineral decided "employees should have to carry stabbed" by Vinacomin and the tenacious ministry continue to do 2 projects Bauxite, in terms of economics is extremely difficult understand.
As reported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to the Monitoring Committee of the National Assembly, the Nhan Co alumina plant will lose from 2015 until 2020. Particularly Tan Rai alumina projects, (with 70% of the total - more than 10 790 billion the foreign loans) will lose in 2015, with a loss of 176-258 billion / year.
But these numbers are still leaders to be normal in the early stages, in the long run the project will still have economic effects.
"For Vinacomin, they completely assured that the state will guarantee they can not pay, the state will pay. Should business losses, the state will pay, this is the project more of the State, state undertakings and state approval. After all responsible enterprises rolls nothing about finance.
Then as long, sir! Business losses, the State seeks to reschedule, reschedule and still not pay it, then go back to debt relief.
State enterprises are unable to repay foreign loans, the State again paid off. So perhaps they do not worry about anything, this is a controversial project so that the State has to make that muscle. ". "But after all, there is a time for very long project. By now, the debt can not hide any more losses, they will stay all right! "- Exclamation Pham Chi Lan.
Economist Le Dang Doanh said many times, if the Ministry and Vinacomin want to continue that losses must have individuals who are responsible to the National Assembly, the people on the efficiency of capital spent, how including responsibility for financial, administrative and even criminal liability, not just "collective fault" is.
"Must regulations and mandates from the beginning, even though heavy losses, they may not be there sitting there that are responsible".
However, Pham Chi Lan said the current mechanism is very difficult to do so, because "Looking at Highlands bauxite project, the so-called" term thinking "," interest groups "are have both.
Otherwise, he would not necessarily be so determined. Ultimately the consequence is that people have to bear the historical debt and only right and wrong judgment alone! "
Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed:
Instead of protecting the environment fee 30000-50000 copper / m3, welcome environment for bauxite reduction to only 4000-10000 / ton, first applied only VND4,000 / tonne bauxite (equivalent to VND 7,000 / m3 ).
Compensation will only cost in the form of "land loan" and then returned after the project is completed, no compensation, only those assets as compensation for crops, homes on the land.
The Ministry also said that the bauxite should be allowed to enjoy the value-added tax of 0%.

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