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Lack of money contributions, government ... People were shut!

15-09-2016 - 06:42 - 930 lượt xem

Quoc Ngoc

Not fulfilling its obligations, the population can not contribute to the committee to ask for signs or do any procedures whatsoever. This unwritten rule that many families fall into the danger.
As mentioned in the previous article, the exchange with reporters, said Nguyen Quang Tuan, Deputy Chairman of Ha Vinh Commune People's Council (Ha Trung) said, to force people to play the heavy levies, 2-3 this year, the main local authorities can no longer perform "attack" property enforcement anymore.
Not all people, claiming his property was "misappropriated by which" again by communes have a finish Other, namely ... seal management.
Who has not fulfilled its duty to contribute, they shall be deemed submitted the absolute way to ... commission. All transactions with government officials delayed by "freezing" seal.
And, taking the seal off the pressure to catch people doing real pay has led many poor families in Ha Vinh forest road scene together, no way out.
Journalists saw the communal house, Nguyen Thi insufficiency (SN 1954) all left to find. "The family he rescued me!", Which is the first pathetic failure when she started a conversation with us.
Older than her failure, the austere, dull black. She said, so now she lived half his life, but look before looking back, she did not see a happy day. According to her failure, tragedy, heartbreak of her life and all her children again comes from the production of plays.
There were 6 children so even suffered hard but poverty still hang on to her family. And, many years ago, by demanding that her family poverty often delays in the payment of production.
"The day that they earned much of his abhorrence well please. In 1987, by not promptly closed the family that I had been taken off the field people, not for transplant again," Suy said.
No fields, all the way livelihood, her sons out of school failure has in turn. Foraging, they have dispersed into the woods cutting firewood coal.
By no more fields should contribute the following cases though communes and villages have to collect, but she could not complete failure.
"Not me, but because of the delaying nothing left to play anymore. You guys watch, a dozen mouths to feed back home landless is no money to play!" She impairment urgent.
Thought measures landless reason the communes and villages will sympathize, favor, skip to the family of other contributions, no doubt to the crop of 2009, her family fell back, knowing they are carrying ... debt crisis.
According to her failure, closing the session, the working group of communes, villages turned to her family and bring her informed contributions in arrears since 1987, which produces 5 tons of paddy is near ....
"They say that my family must complete on contributions would otherwise custody machine rice pitcher family," she recalls failure.
The pitcher plant rice, according to her, her husband and failure for having collected money to go buy rental pitcher for landless households in the village.
Listen Suy officials say she was extremely frightened. However, in the contract should not have taken a computer she did not know why.
Amid the danger that a village officials were "constitutional design" that her neighbor has a bank loan, if you want to borrow her can of submission.
That officials were "dedicated" to her that he had to borrow a neighbor's house. But that temporary shocks such amount dwarfed by the huge debts that informed union officials but also makes them ... happy.
Not only did not coerced pitcher plant that commune officials also return to the family level 4 acres of farmland
There are fields, like the other families in the village, her failure was no longer any reason to shirk when the season closed. However, several recent cases, she does not play anymore.
The reason, according to her failure, since the fields, whether social, collected Herculean village but she tried lo pay. Not only that, nearly 5 tons of paddy debts she had paid twice for a total amount of more than 4 million.
"Do not know that kind of money I paid them away anywhere without her recoup debts. They arrested my family still paid enough," she said impairment.
She told impairment, advanced age and poor health now, all these paddy debt in monetary terms is more than 20 million, she can not afford to repay. However, she Suy said, she could not hug her grave debts.
"My wife and I always have old, not go anywhere, do anything but worry. Only my son suffering alone, the debt that the straps on it," she ruefully failure.
In Ha Vinh, people called debt "hereditary" is owed Lieu Thang. "I do not understand why people call it that, just know that the debt from the previous generation left alone", Mr. Vu Van Nien, ring her son shared failure.
The reason he Nien incurs debt is by now common household he was with his parents.
"There is not going to repay it as communal eating is because so please papers, stamp pads for what one does not. My identity card lost, want to commune confirm nor to go back to work," he Nien said.
He Nien worry you do not know what took place to repay Lieu Thang daughter to school age.
According to Mr. Nien, Lieu Thang debt as she took down the first round of the needle, making his life only a month long series of miserable days.
"Next year my daughter to school age and then, with debt that they can not confirm whether or not it go to school?" He Nien worry.
Thu bluff with both ... poor
Ha Vinh with many households receiving public assistance poor. However, according to our understanding, many poor households still have to contribute more should've been free account.
According to people in the "miserable country," this is Mr. Nguyen Van Manh families classified as "sustainable poverty" by 10 years, his family Manh always "redundant points" in the batch of poor househol
Then, thinking he did not pass up the family has prepared everything to bid him farewell on the other side of the world. However, as there miracle, the woods, he returned to live realms.
Not dead, but seizures have caused chemical Manh leg disabilities, traveling just click the group, play.
His mind would not be lucid as ever. As good as normal, clods, but when a seizure is like any predator, possibly arguing, smashing, chased anyone.
According to the "paper payment" crop of 2016, but the family is poor but house Manh 5 gate to close a total amount of over 2.3 million. In particular, many accounts are exempt by Mr. Strong families are poor communes still proceed.
Specifically, in the notice of the CPC, Mr. Strong families still have to play defense and security fund and fund disaster prevention.
"I have concerns with the village, but they sure have to pay. Another two people for far less revenue than the previous season that my family have to pay 5-6 million facility," said Nguyen Thi Lua, his wife said Manh .
Ms. Silk said, though the family is poor, but she still has to contribute the full amounts as other families.
Only tears
Are "entitled" as a mode Manh poor, but his family Tran Van Vinh village 10 was free not to participate disaster fund. However, security and defense fund he managed to close family.
Chat with us, Mr. Rong said, illiterate should communes and villages What accounts receivable, long paragraph or what he did not.
"I'm just concerned for my family each pay how much and exercise enough care of it," he Vinh honest.
This service (crop of 206 years), Mr. Rong payable over 7 million to 5 people. A long conversation, he Vinh revealed, he would have been paid but the youngest 6 border, despite nearly four years old, but to ... escape real, he and his wife did not give birth to children.
Half a year to pay more than 7 million, according to Mr. Rong, despite his horses do the buffalo as well find it difficult to afford. Exactly so, for the words "100% complete service indicators Chiem" his family had to split plays out 3 times.
"Actually, when I had to apply for certification seals communal poverty to be reduced daughters should have fixed tuition fee loan is best not to make debt still. Do not close the point where all they do for" Mrs. Vu Thi Hoa, Vinh sudden his wife said.
Though nearly 4 years old, but his daughter was not yet home Vinh birth certificate because he wanted to play a real part evasion.
Referring to the debt story, Mrs. Hoa remembers his family story was a commune, the village began as long ago buffaloes 4 years.
Then, by not rotate the money contributed, the working group of the communes and villages had to take her home ... Withholding buffalo when the family was forced at home beside streams.

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