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People from poor people carrying bodies to bundle Screening relatives by motorcycle - Think Thai can- receiver's provinc

19-09-2016 - 14:37 - 810 lượt xem

Hoang Xuan Luong

Over the past days on social networking uploading photos was heartbreaking, British sister's body transported home by motorbike, were stunned by the bundle back to the projection of the father's body, and also carrying motor home, because of the poor can not rent a car.
 Everyone expressed sympathy and not from concerns about the responsibilities of the State and Society. Some people take advantage of this to denigrate the regime, but I do think, they say they are bad option, considering that there were, its people are poor indeed, in deep, remote, people can not car Hire have money, so the ones carrying bodies on a stretcher, by motorcycle, bicycle-drawn carts, and other rudimentary facilities is not isolated. His people indifferent to the level that is considered normal; the suffering, the pain as deep dives into the heart, liver, and many others where it hurts just it, is not impartial, then the people how to live well.
Through this work I think more about endurance, kindness and beauty in the people's labor and management to social responsibility at all levels of government.
 When he Lo Van Muon sister's body transported home, to go through the Son La hydropower reservoir; normally a story to the dead across the river takes from 400 thousand to 1 million, his fortune ferryman understand poor circumstances of his family Pe Lo writer, father of Mrs. P, so he May not the public does not get the money, but also campaigned the other boat driver and passers-by gathered 5 thousand people, 10 thousand people have the money to his funeral Pe.
 This noble act of labor people upset when we think of the lack of cultural behavior, even very brutality of many officials in the current apparatus. The leader of this thinking?
Compassion, willing to share the pain of all kinds, the main source of power is connected community, which is also the foundation of a people power, only workers who actually lived, work and enjoyment in accordance with their working ability, not demean, flattery for personal gain, only genuine workers that dare to sacrifice themselves for national defense when variables. And around the leader, infested by insects, wriggle, sycophantic, flattering his superiors, but ultimately for the benefit of their personal, this kind of variation is to have run away, even if only sa need superior transportation miss it immediately turned traitor.
 The true workers in offices, in the Armed Forces, the People still are the majority, but this majority is now the most disadvantaged, the most difficult. Policies must change things to focus care for employees with honesty, if desired developing country.
 Back to the poor people to transport the bodies relatives by motorcycle, in terms of whether our country can terminate this is not a tragedy? The answer is quite likely to be terminated because the good of the people but also the large number of agencies, simply state has allocated for the people the right to social mobilization to carry out the task of helping people poor. Human things I would add, there are many other things, the state should not be taking on all tasks, should ease the task assigned to the civil society organizations, to communities stand out settlement will bring a lot more efficient.

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