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Who pulled up America flag with yellow star Hue station

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Vũ Toàn

NEW YORK - A famous soldier from the fierce battles on fronts High - North - Lang, the main battlefield in the war against France.
Who pulled up America flag with yellow star Hue station
The actor playing "Vietnamese students Ming" Dang Van Vietnamese flag to prepare the palace of Hue (21-8-1945) - a documentary scenes of Television VN
United 1: You warm the office
He lowered the flag each hexagram of the court Bao Dai ly, high pulling yellow starred red flag over the palace when he was 25 years old Hue.
That person is Dang Van Vietnam. He calls himself "old soldier", 97 old, 68-year Party. After the flag 71 years, he still read books, translated in French, English learners aged glasses.
Especially, when he recalls the thrilling battle of France, the ups and downs throughout his life, he does not need to open a public documentation page.
"Students Vietnam Ming"
Viet He said: "People call me a" brat child concerned "by my father is Dang Van Huong, deputy board park in 1919 but due to the early retirement rectitude.
In the court of Hue, in particular the Government invited Tran Trong Kim government's work. 1942 when my father made my week, the Minister of Ha Tinh has full investment in Khai Dinh Truong, then pass the Medical University of Indochina in Hanoi.
March to May 8-1945 my father as governor of Nghe An was a student, I participated in the movement for national salvation in Hanoi.
1947 because my father has helped transfer the revolutionary government did not take a bullet should Uncle Ho invited the minister without portfolio, in charge of the three provinces of Thanh - Nghe - Tinh until 1953. My life as well Nations rise and fall according to the variable ".
France Date 9-3-1945 Japanese main islands, the Medical University of Indochina closed, Dang Van Vietnamese boys and 42 Central students return home.
Knowing Japanese will overthrew the French should be lawyer Phan Anh (one of 16 members of the Government cabinet Tran Trong Kim) and Prof. Ta Quang Buu (special adviser Youth Services Bureau members) took the opportunity established Youth School Hue frontline immediately attracted to this central student population.
Ta Quang Buu GS Capital is old teacher wrote to recommend Dang Van Vietnam and joined the school classmates. In fact, this is the military academies aimed at "Vietnam illustrated" 43 young intellectuals from the Medical University of Indochina into "Vietnam Ming students" have certain military qualifications.
This is the period of Vietnam Dang Van regular contact with the Central Committee in Hue resistance as the Huang He (Secretary of the Provincial Committee of Thua Thien - Hue), and Tran Huu Duc Huu (Standing Provincial Committee).
20-8-1945 Dang Van Viet morning received confidential "invited to a meeting location near Nam Giao Tran Huu Duc".
When met, he handed over to Dang Van Duc Vietnamese national flag "to close all the time", said: "I delivered to comrades red flag with yellow star. Comrade tasked drape big flagpole in front 21-8 Ngo Mon morning. "
Sacred moment
Understanding this is of superior orders, Dang Van Vietnam flag curled 120m wide in sacks and tied behind the bike goes frontline Youth Institution. Air Vietnamese Minh's revolutionary "seething" he mused students "how do I have to complete this sacred task."
School, Dang Van Vietnam him Ken Lam (Vietnam Ming its head five core students) Nguyen The Luong mobilize (later Major-General Cao Pha, Director of Department 2 - Department of Defense) go hang neck.
Vietnamese Minh organization borrowed two Barillet gun with six bullets to ascendancy over the reaction of the royal guards.
21-8 dawn, Cao Pha Dang Van Vietnam and "close" the shiny gaiters. Earlier calories hat, walking shoes. Barillet wear side gate sag. At that time the flag was rolled long as the "snake" propped up on two bikes. Couple ago period, the vehicle goes about 2km to foot flagpole Hue.
"Mr. Cao Pha stop protecting flag, and I came to see him defend the team commander of the imperial flag 12 Mutcotong export flexibility with 12 notice:" By order of the Central Committee of the resistance, we I have the task of replacing the revolutionary flag flags glass hexagram. These help us to execute his duties. "
And air pressure before the revolution, the centurion calling me "sir" and said: "Yes, they just ordered" "- he recalls Vietnam.
"9 am that day, six burly flexible glass to help reduce our hexagram flag replaced the red flag with yellow star. Rather finished, six artillery troops and changing the horizontal line up. Anh Cao Pha ranks first. I stood outside chanting: Drag flag ... Hi!
Army artillery guns stop the ball, but we reached military-style salute. Yellow star red flag of the country slowly pulled up high by a rope pulley system to the wrist. Look under the flag flying, my heart revved up, as boiling blood in the heart lit up because too excited, proud.
We hear the chant: red flag with yellow star. Red flag yellow star. Hooray revolution was about. My people independence, freedom already. After the three days the flag is true, then the influence of the historical Revolution Day 19-8 burst in torrential Hue "- he recalled feelings Vietnam 71 years ago.
Then he continued, "On 23-8-1945, after three days of the flag, when I was standing on ceremony Ngo Mon Gate King Bao Dai abdicated and handed statement seal, for treasures for the revolutionary government is a centurion barely whisper I heard: on the two men to carry the flag, I was ordered to deploy a company of royal guards of the gates located along the Southern gate.
120 guns were leveled at the two men. I would allow the king to pull the trigger. The King asked the Queen Nam Phuong, then shouted: "Do not! For! Do not shoot. If someone dies before they pull the trigger. " Thanks to his commands that are available today. "
Who pulled up America flag with yellow star Hue station
Dang Van Viet in 38 years (after being promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel, 1958)
Dang Van Viet, Dien Tho country, Dien Chau district (Nghe An). After 35 years of "tasting bile, located thorns" around the battle against the French and in the workplace, does he reside in the apartment upstairs 16m2 4, B25 dormitories house the Ministry of Construction, Mining P.Minh, Q. Hai Ba Trung (Hanoi).
 Mr Hoang Xuan Luong (former deputy, deputy chairman of Committee for Ethnic Minorities, now director of Center for Human Rights Studies mountainous ethnic minority areas of the Union Technical Sciences VN) Vietnam led me to meet him.
We were not surprised from the crowded room, cluttered furniture, only a small seating furniture and two shelves.
97 years old, but his voice was sharp and in. Heard the phone ring, he said: "Some people ask about the book I've just reproduce it."
It was the House of Hue imperial flag, red flag with yellow star aloft - eternal event, publishers Writers Association May 12-2015, 10th edition.
He has written 17 works (including 4 street flaming book won first prize in the national Culture and Art Association, 2000; jackpots Lang Son Culture and Art Association, 2005).
He served as regimental commander of a regiment in the first two (Regiment 174); former commander of the front line 9, line 7, line 5, line 6; Road 4; former Editor of Training Academy VN army; former Director of the Department of Construction authority - the Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Fisheries ...

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